If apps from the App Store last year was the most successful for all history of existence of the store, the online music market it was no less impressive. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, in 2019 the number of auditions in music streaming services reached 1 trillion – a third more than the year before. The growth is primarily contributed to Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube, as well as large releases of artists like Taylor swift and others.

The share of streaming services accounted for 82% of all auditions music in the United States last year. Sales of albums offline fell by 19% during the year, and now account for only 9% of the total. Nielsen data also indicate that hip-hop became the most popular genre in the course of the year with a share of listening of 28 %, followed by followed by rock and pop of 20% and 14% respectively.

The most popular performers

Post Malone became the most listened artist of the year 2019, the five leaders also form Drake, Billy Iles, Taylor swift and Ariana Grande. But the popularity of the first was the rapper Drake.

Apple is silent about the popularity of Apple Music. The company does not report any data on the number of users who use the service. Only in June of last year eddy cue said that Apple Music 60 million paid subscribers, but didn’t go into details about other indicators, and since this information is not updated. At the same time, the popular streaming apps proves once again that Apple knowingly switched to services.

How many followers Apple Music

Last year it was also reported that Apple Music has surpassed Spotify in the United States by the number of paid subscribers. However, Spotify still has a large user base that listens to music in free mode. Now streaming music services just signed on more than 100 million people — this Spotify, and Pandora, and Napster. However, the number of music listeners in times more, and the main goal of Apple, according to its representatives, not to poach customers from competitors and to entice new people are now streaming music in wonder.