The Apple company is very careful. This caution is one of the reasons why she spent a lot of time to admit his mistake and offer a solution. For example, Apple took almost five years to make sure that the keyboard is “butterfly” in the current environment is completely unsustainable, and no amount of fixes and enhancements not make it better. But, as a rule, in Cupertino are trying to resolve issues more quickly, offering a solution much faster. That’s just seems to be a rush as with the Smart Battery Case has not happened.

Last weekend, Apple launched a replacement program covers with built-in batteries Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. The reason for this was disruption in supply, to which users began to complain a few months ago. The problem became so massive that the company had not just extend the warranty, and in fact to offer the affected users a chance unconditional replacement accessories from the party, realized in the period from January 2019 to October 2019.

Not charging Smart Battery Case

Failure, cause for the revocation manifested itself in the discontinuity of the charge of the case when connected to the mains. The case can first be charged completely properly, then it is unreasonable to block the flow of energy by stopping the process at a random stage of charging, and then just as unreasonable to renew. As a result, users began to notice that either the charging case is several times longer than before, or not happen at all, because he refuses to continue it by achieving a certain mark.

Despite the fact that the affected accessories, obviously, are experiencing interruptions in the operation of the embedded controller, whose task is to limit the supply of electricity, batteries covers are fully operational. In Cupertino made a special emphasis, believing that users can start to worry about the potential danger of self-ignition, which may represent a faulty battery. Indeed, in this case Apple would have just initiated a full review of the product and not replacement program, which is optional.

Who can replace Smart Battery Case

It is important to understand that to apply for a new Smart Battery Case can even those users who have not yet faced a described problem. Of course, not the fact that their replacement claim will be satisfied, but since Apple does not publish in the Network any requirements for those who are planning to apply for a replacement, so theoretically fall under the program, owners of any covers purchased from January to October last year. Their petition to replace in any case be considered as potentially defective accessory – tested for the presence of defects.