In 2017 its doors opened the new campus of the company Apple Park. It was an ambitious architectural project of modernity with a unique design. The main building of the campus area of 26 hectares, made in the form of a ring completely covered the world’s largest panes of curved glass. The new headquarters is one of the most expensive buildings in the world. According to conservative estimates, the total cost for the construction, repair, furniture, hardware cost Apple 4.17 billion. Nevertheless, even this area of the company was not enough.

According to the new message from Mercury News, Apple has rented new premises in San Jose, California, known as the “triangle building”. According to the source, Apple has already paid for all the space area of almost 8 000 square meters and, reportedly, has already started internal furnish.

New Apple office

The building is located at the address 5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. in San Jose and was built in 1981. Apple rented office in 2012, signing an agreement that will allow her “to leave the premises before the expiration of the lease”. In the report, real estate experts said that Apple did not present in this building for many years. So basically just pay for the rental of the room.

With the signing of a new lease that covers all the “Triangular building”, Apple has already begun the repair of the interior:

A significant amount of construction works carried out inside the building. In recent days, activity was observed in all six floors of the office and the Apple logos placed throughout.

Experts also spoke in detail about how Apple continues to occupy office and research space in San Jose and other US regions. Apple, as a rule, interested in the property, which is located relatively close to Apple Park, as evidenced by the fact that the building of the “Triangle Building” is less than 3 miles from campus in the form of a spaceship.

In addition to this space, Apple has also recently leased the building from the legendary company-developer Peery Arrillaga. The office space is located on the North side of the Boulevard Stevens Creek, across the road from the triangular building.

Last year the company announced plans to build another campus in the U.S. and invest in the American economy an incredible sum — $ 350 billion over the next five years. Using the new Apple headquarters will employ 20 thousand new jobs, mostly it will be technical support staff. He is located in Austin, Texas. This project was invested a billion dollars, the campus is scheduled to open in 2022. First, it will accommodate 5,000 people, then their number will increase to 15 thousand.