Apps developed for Mac are often not given as much attention as the programs for the iPhone and iPad. Of course, owners of Apple computers are significantly smaller than users of its mobile devices, but this is not a reason not to do the selection of interesting applications for macOS. Because many programs often have to find their own – not all the apps are in the App Store.


Sensei is a new application for Mac intended for computer optimization, which offers a clean interface and set of tools for disk cleanup, monitoring battery status, monitor, graphics chip, processor, and RAM. There are also options for temperature control, enable Trim SSD, uninstall applications, fan control and more. The application costs $ 29 per year, or you can squeeze from $ 59 for a lifetime license, but there is a free trial.


Mouseless is an application that helps you learn all the shortcuts in your favourite apps, offering a short interactive training sessions. This is a great little tool for those who want to get used to quick actions in the application. Cost $ 15, — in our opinion a little expensive, but many may find this utility useful.


Clew is a search app designed to search across all connected cloud accounts on your Mac, so you can find exactly what I was looking for, and then quickly share it using drag and drop to the desktop. Clew supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Github, and other repositories. And, by the way, is free.


Gooba is a text editor and task Manager that combines note-taking, writing, and task management, so you can, for example, to prepare a document, and then set a reminder when it needs to send. The application has support for Markdown shortcuts. Plus it’s cross-platform, so you can use it on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. And everywhere for free.


Clicker is a set of applications intended for video streaming, including Netflix, Disney +, YouTube, and Hulu TV. Clicker can be launched right from the Dock and provides support for “picture in picture”, a quick pause the video, view in full screen mode, control via touch panel Touch Bar, and more. This is a useful app to access the video services that are usually limited by the browser on the Mac. All apps are $ 5, but the version for Disney + free.