36 years ago (well, okay, one more day) was released the first Macintosh. He became the first personal computer that used a graphical user interface instead of the standard at the time the command line interface. The product was called revolutionary and determined the further development of the industry. As it was, and what changed since then?

January 24, 1984 the young and the restless Steve jobs came on stage and introduced the world to a “grey box” that was fantastic for its time. Yes, it only had 64 KB of RAM and a display with a resolution of 256 x 256 pixels, but this was the first computer with a graphical interface instead of the standard command line interface.

Although it would be correct to say that he was not the first, and most popular and massively entered the market. Before that there was such a device, and indeed the first of them can be considered as the Xerox Star. But it is the “magic of Apple” and the ability of Steve jobs did the trick and the computer took a deserved place in the history of the company’s products.

Here is what he said about the Macintosh, jobs himself:

The Apple Macintosh is the future of Apple Computer. The project was created by a group of incredibly talented people whose work in other organizations could be three times below the level that they showed in the Apple. And it’s one of those things that don’t last forever: maybe we will work together on another iteration of the device, and then all disperse. In one wonderful moment all of us gathered together to develop this product. Perhaps it is best that we do in our lives.

Macintosh was seen as the last chance for Apple to end the dominance of IBM on the PC market and remain a major player in the personal computer industry.

Despite the high price at the time, which translated into today’s money was about $ 6,000, the Macintosh sold well, and by may of 1984, Apple had sold 70 000 copies. Then was released the cult is dedicated to the super bowl in 1984, which debuted a few days before the advent of the Macintosh. Perhaps, too, had a positive impact on sales. But the thing is that the “square” of the Mac, which soon formed the basis of the contention Windows, began a series in a few decades has become not only a symbol of the new Apple, but simply a necessary tool.

Today Apple is one of the leading PC vendors in the world, which sold in 2019, about 18 million Mac computers. While competitor Apple, IBM, no longer involved in the production of personal computers, sold its technology to Lenovo in the early 2000-ies.