Apple is not the one who blows things out of proportion. This can be seen by how rapidly the company is reducing the number of presentations that are held throughout the year. Instead of having a separate event for each batch of new products, as it was before, now in Cupertino are in most cases limited only to press releases, leaving the event only for the most exceptional products like the new iPhone or Apple TV+. More surprising seems the company’s decision to convene journalists and developers to a formal event in new York, whose purpose from the very beginning, seemed all very specific.

Few people know that tonight Apple held another event for the press, an invitation on which the company sent out a couple of weeks ago. Unlike all previous events, this in Cupertino even tried to promote, but because on the Apple website there was not a single mention of the fact that, not to mention the time and place that the company decided not to disclose to outsiders, and reported only those who were invited. But why the secrecy?

What Apple introduced at the last presentation

The envelope with the name of the winner in a particular category. To be there is an honor for the developer

Most likely Apple didn’t want to create false excitement of the event, which will not be provided with any new product. And so it was. As evident from the content of the invitation, the company simply decided to bring together members of the press and developer community, giving them the opportunity to socialize, and at the same time announce the names of creators of software who managed to create the best app in 2019. Unfortunately, free software names of the winners are missing, because Apple has banned visitors to give publicity to what is happening at the event.

They say that Apple will unveil the winners in a separate press release which will be published closer to midnight Pacific time. But, as says one of the visitors of the event on the condition of anonymity, for those who regularly use the App Store, the results of the competition will not be a revelation. This means that in Cupertino are likely to prescribe the best programs from the list of “editor’s Choice” and will probably award some awards for game from the Arcade Applethat enjoy wide popularity among users from around the world.