Last month Apple introduced a laptop, which users have been waiting for several years. It turned out to MacBook Pro 16”. But dreaming about him was not due to the increase in diagonal display, which turned out to be practically invisible, even in direct comparison with the 15-inch model, and due to the fact that Apple has overcome the shortcomings of his predecessors. It would seem that the engineers only slightly increased the thickness of the laptop, but how much it gave. As a result, the notebook is not only equipped with a more reliable keyboard type “scissors”, which has increased course compared to the “butterfly”, but also have increased battery capacity, and even supplied its effective cooling system. It is a pity that from all problems to deliver the laptop still failed.

Some users said that the dynamics of their MacBook Pro 16” making a strange clicking noise when playing audio or video content. Complaints appeared on the official technical support forum and Apple on the portal Reddit. This problem is fleeting, appearing at the beginning of playback of the audio track. Most clearly it cannot reproduce when peremanivanie music or videos streaming online. Most likely, this is due to the small delay that occurs when rewinding.

Click speakers MacBook Pro

Despite the fact that reports of the manifestations of this lack is not so much to in Cupertino all paid attention to it, one user reported that he tried to reproduce the problem on multiple laptops presented in the Apple Store. According to him, manifestations of the above problems have been exposed to three samples of MacBook Pro 16” from the four that were tested. This indirectly indicates that the extent of destruction is pretty significant, but as the audience owners of a laptop yet is not wide enough, then those who would complain about his work while a little.

Apple has not commented on the crash, and therefore to determine what nature it has, is impossible. If it’s a software fault, most likely, in the near future the company will fix it by releasing an update with bug-fix. But if the cause of the clicks that emit the dynamics, lies in the constructive device of the speakers, the Apple will have much more difficult. For this the company would be required to investigate problems and to organize the recall program if it is regarded as ambitious.