New monitor Display XDR Pro from Apple comes with two types of glass – standard and nanotextures. The latter was developed specifically for use in particularly challenging environments: the point is, on the surface a conventional matte screen coating that scatters light. According to Apple, it provides high image quality and contrast. The coating diffuses the light and reduces glare to an absolute minimum. Sounds cool? Yes, but this solution has at least two drawbacks.

First, nanostructured glass worth the extra $ 1,000 (70 000). And, as it turned out, the type of glass also affects how you can clean the monitor Pro Display XDR. According to the official ApplePro Display XDR with nanostructured glass should be cleaned only with a dry polishing cloth provided by Apple. Never use water or other liquids to clean glass.

Apple warns that owners of Pro Display XDR should never use any other cloth to clean the glass, and in case of loss is included in the package with a dry polishing cloth, you should contact the Apple store to order another of the same cloth. There is no information about how much it will cost, but obviously not cheaper than $ 10. What do you think? Share in our Telegram chat.

The same cloth

In addition, Apple has developed a special washing instructions polishing cloth. They include the use of soap for dishwashing and water, thorough rinsing and subsequent drying for at least 24 hours. Yes, almost like a manual washing expensive things.

This standard glass is Pro Display XDR can be cleaned with a regular microfiber cloth and a small amount of water, and the case can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp lint-free cloth.

Since the announcement of Pro Display XDR has been the subject of many jokes, because Apple charge 450 000 rubles for the monitor itself (with nanotextures) and an additional 70 000 for a stand for it. The need for a special cloth designed by Apple, is unlikely to not be the subject of regular ridicule.

Design solution in the form of multiple holes in the back of the case is made for heat dissipation. Here are the special ventilation system. In addition, you can freely adjust the level of tilt and swivel of the monitor. If necessary, XDR Pro Display can be placed vertically. The calibration of each monitor is running on production, so the question of accuracy is not necessary. The device supports extended color gamut P3.

Looks very futuristic