For a long time the concept of Apple and “wide range” was inconsistent. Instead of taking the number, as did the competitors, Apple chose to bet on quality, very reluctantly increasing model range. However, when the post of General Director Apple got Tim cook, he made some adjustments to the existing business model, starting to actively develop existing product lines and to develop new market niches, most of which the company succeeded. At some point, many even began to think that the era of iPhone gradually coming to an end, however, Apple suddenly decided to further expand the range of flagship smartphones.

JP Morgan analysts believethat next year Apple will release not three, but four flagship iPhone, excluding iPhone SE 2. The fourth model will be another 6.1-inch device. Despite the fact that until now, all smartphones with this diagonal belonged to the line of conventionally available flagships in a year, Apple will make some changes in the long-standing puzzle. The result is a lineup of branded smartphones will look like the following: iPhone 12 (5.4 inch), iPhone Plus 12 (6.1 inch), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inch) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inches).

How to change iPhone camera 12

Four cameras — a new feature of iPhone 12

However, only one diagonal is not limited. According to analysts, in 2020, Apple will continue to increase the number of cameras, but will do it selectively and only for the two models. So chetyrehstennoy system with 3D sensor will receive only iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, while the other two of the device will retain the dual cameras, the difference between members of the same model range was observed more clearly. But do such castling?

First, changes are needed in order to give dimensional grid of smartphones according to their names. The fact that many people still introduces dissonance the realization that a 6.1-inch iPhone – it’s the public sector, and 5.8-inch is the “real” flagship. Still, over the years Apple has accustomed us to the fact that size is the main indicator of the advancement of the model, and the existing lineup is contrary to this principle.

How much will the iPhone 5G

Second, Apple would need at least one iPhone, because the next year the company plans to launch smartphones with 5G. At least that would be logical, given expected higher prices and a lack of networks of the fifth generation in all countries of the world. Therefore, it is logical to assume that 5G-compatible models will be older, which, given the significance of the planned innovations is not a sin to ask for $ 1,200 for the base configuration.