Keyboard “butterfly” is perhaps the most famous bad Apple. Despite the fact that the company received thousands of complaints about the low reliability of this keyboard in Cupertino for almost five years trying to improve it, ignoring the dissatisfaction of its users. However, in the history of Apple and other problems that for some reason she either never wanted to work or wanted to, but could not, for example, as in the case of Wi-Fi in iOS 13. Then the solutions started to look for the users themselves and, oddly enough, found. Share with you.

Almost immediately after the release of iOS 13 on various online sites began to appear complaints from users who noticed disruptions in Wi-Fi module of their devices. The problem could manifest itself regardless of type of gadget, the timing of its release and even version of the operating system, extending on the very iOS 13, and on all future builds. From-for it owners of the affected devices could not connect to all routers, or some of them, and fix the crashing did not help neither reboot nor install new updates or attempts to forget the connection and re-establish the connection.

No connection to Wi-Fi

To force the iPhone to connect to all Wi-Fi routers by turning off Bluetooth

To try to solve this problem in a rather ingenious way. It does not eliminate failure forever, and therefore, from time to time you will have to repeat the manipulation described below. However, they are definitely worth taking advantage of, given that Apple still has not offered a more convenient and effective way to make iPhone and iPad running iOS 13, connect to all Wi-Fi networks.

The author of the blog P4M found out that the reason that prevent connecting iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi, is an active Bluetooth connection. So, if you disable this interface to connect to the wireless network will be installed. You can then try to turn on Bluetooth again, but in this case, stable operation of the Wi-Fi is not guaranteed. Therefore, there is need to decide what is more important to you-wifi or connecting to a wireless accessory that is lost when you disconnect the Bluetooth module.

When will the iOS 13.3

Oddly enough, Apple’s been almost three months can not fix the problem in the Wi-Fi. Since the release of iOS 13 have released 8 updates, but to eliminate the failure completely of the company and failed. Anyway, on the official forum of Apple support from time to time continue to receive new complaints from users who expressed their dissatisfaction with the update, which deprived them of the ability to connect to all routers,earlier this was no problem.