As promised, yesterday, 10 December, Apple has started selling the new Mac Pro. He became one of the most expensive computers on the market and certainly the most expensive computer in the modern history of the company. After all, if for the basic configuration, which has quite a passing set of specifications will have to pay $ 5,000, I can only imagine how much it will cost the top with the maximum amount of RAM, high performance processor and advanced graphics, not to mention the auxiliary accessories that Apple also asks a lot of money.

The most expensive modification of the Mac Pro will cost around 53 million dollars, or approximately 3 350 000 rubles. Yes, this is serious money, but because the Mac Pro is designed exclusively for professional use, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it is so expensive. By comparison, the new MacBook Pro 16” is a normal calculator. Iron affects the server level, and, of course, the mark-up Apple for high quality performance, attractive design and nearly five years has been put into making this computer.

Characteristics of a top Mac Pro

  • CPU: 28-core Intel Xeon 2.5 GHz W;
  • Memory: 1.5 TB DDR4 ECC;
  • Graphics: Radeon Pro Duo from Vega II Duo 2 with 32GB memory;
  • SSD: 4 TB;
  • Installation video: fee-accelerator Afterburner.

Pro XDR Display — just the external monitor to which you want to purchase a bunch of accessories

However, the kit price may increase further, if the complement of its auxiliary accessories, such as monitor Pro Display XDR. It is available in two configurations: with the usual protective glass for 4999 dollars and nanotexturing glass with minimal reflectivity for 5999 dollars. To install the monitor, you’ll need another stand worth $ 999 or a VESA mount for mounting on the wall. It is much cheaper – only 199 dollars.

Wheels for Mac Pro

Wheels for Mac Pro are worth about $ 400 — $ 100 per wheel

It is important to understand that the monitor is not embedded front camera, it will have to be purchased separately – in case you decide to work instead of the use of video or record some kind of treatment for the video which is mounted at the moment. Apple recommends that Mac Pro camera Logitech Webcam Pro 4K Magnetic cost $ 199. And for those who moves from place to place, it would be logical to buy for Mac Pro special wheels. Apple sells them for how much you thought – $ 400. All you got to buy a set of Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard for $ 149.