Apple rarely shifts the timing of the sales of their new products relative to previously announced dates. However, for the last five years, such cases were at least three: HomePod, the original model AirPods and Mac Pro 2019 paired with Pro Display monitor XDR. But if in the case of speakers and headphones reason for the delay were problems in the quality of their work, in the case of the workstation it was much more interesting. Apparently, in Cupertino corny could not start the Mac Pro, because until recently did not know the computer to be manufactured in China or still in the US, as like Donald Trump. But now all issues have been resolved and the release date finally announced.

Apple to launch official retail sales of Mac Pro and monitor Pro Display XDR tomorrow, December 10. The company informed the users via email. However, obviously, to buy a computer at the start can only be a limited number of countries, in which Russia is clearly not included. Still, otherwise, the domestic office Apple could ensure that, firstly, to prescribe the rates, and, secondly, finally, to clarify on the website that the Mac Pro will be available in December. Now there are still States that sales of the computer will begin “this fall”.

When the Mac Pro will be released in Russia

The Russian office Apple still hopes to turn back time and start selling Mac Pro “this fall”

The reason the site is not updated for more than two weeks, plain and simple. After the official start of sales of Mac Pro in the US and Europe to buy it in Russia at first will be impossible. Another thing is that it is not very clear how stretch it “start”, but given that Apple have, in principle, is releasing their new products in the domestic market with only a small delay, you can assume that Mac Pro will appear in the Russian Apple Online Store by the end of December — beginning of January.

However, even two or three months delay will not have a particular impact on sales of Mac Pro. The fact that this is a professional workstation, which cost in the maximum configuration can reach almost 50 thousand dollars. It’s a lot of money to spend that the majority can afford only those users whose professional effectiveness is directly dependent on the advancement of the “iron” with which they work. And with “iron” Mac Pro all right.

Features Mac Pro 2019

  • 8-core Intel Xeon W with a frequency of 3.5 GHz;
  • 32 GB of RAM DDR4;
  • Graphics AMD Radeon 580X Pro with 8GB GDDR5;
  • SSD-drive capacity of 256 GB.