Waiting Apple AirTag, it seems, has been delayed again. Apple grabbed the hand trying to strangle the company Tile not too noble ways. Buying Google advertising this company and preventing its display of the target audience. This is the most notable of such actions, but not the only one. A company Tile is not going to give up.


Looks like this is AirTag

The answer to “who will win?” is almost obvious. Tile company earns millions of dollars less than Apple – billion. Tile works in one hundred people in the Apple – 140 thousand. But in the market of electronic beacons in the USA Apple’s market share is 0%. The Proportion Of Tile – 80%. Tile was founded in San MATEO, California, in 2012. Her story would fit in a thin booklet, pages 30 – she went through the ordeal, she had to cut third of staff, a few times there were disputes about who owns the copyright on the idea of magical beacons – the history of the company would be wonderful and very instructive reading. About the history of Apple you can guess for yourself: there were so many people happened only the events that she had been triumphant in several markets, and the richest IT company in the world, very much in this history is classified, or simply forgotten, unnecessary – but a thousand to three pages of material would be enough.

Considering that the days are numbered Tile (too different, and she and Apple weight category), I did not even bother to delve deeper into what this company lives by, is doing and hopes that, being in the suffocating embrace of the force majeure. The beacons Tile many shortcomings, but for 6 years of their existence they have so many times helped people in very unpleasant situations, to learn their fate was painful and uncomfortable. And they think differently, they believe that they will succeed. Once they started from scratch, now Tile earns tens of millions a year. And only that they have updated the range. They are somewhat like Apple Computer in the first year of its existence. To beat them (honestly) Apple will not be easy. And did you notice that the named answer is ALMOST obvious? Tile, though it is unlikely they could win. By the way, tell me what you think about the AirTag in our Telegram chat.

The main competitor of AirTag

That such “beacons” (which the company calls “finders”), and how they work, it is best to learn from video company Tile. It’s very short just 1 minute and 54 seconds:

About the same contemplating to make Apple, but at a higher level of technology, with new features, using the power of a giant Corporation. Tile uses in his fantastic regular Bluetooth beacons, the distance at which the beacon can be detected without the use of “public service” depends on the model of beacon, but in the best case does not exceed 122 meters. Premium service that implements what Apple promised, if not lying sources, for “just” costs subscribers money. But, unlike the ultra-wideband communication, Bluetooth uses still exotic ranges of frequencies, once designated as the frequency for all, but some places are already used for other purposes by governmental organizations. Some where banned and Bluetooth, but this is prohibitive in extreme cases.

Employees Tile is actively working on turning they invented the technology in something bigger, they are full of ideas – replaced the previous models of beacons recently came new. On the new line (maybe the last) you need to tell us more.

The new range of beacons

Updated line of lights consists of four models of beacons. The cheapest, easiest, and visible from a distance of not more than 46 metres to beacon Sticker, in Russian his name means “sticker” than it actually is. Sell it in sets of 2, 4 and 8 pieces for 39.99 and, of $ 59.99 and 99.99 USD. The sticker sticks to any surface (says the company) and stands up for her death. The battery is rated for three years of work. Can stick tightly the beacon to be used for some other subject-matter. Probably not. But it is simple and easy, he is not afraid of rain and humidity, but immersing it in water for a long time. It is a cylinder with a diameter of 27 mm and a height of 7.3 mm.

The tracker in (the bike rack)

A little more “serious” model – Slim, looks like a thin card with a logo Tile, ideal for use in folders with documents, and whether it is a bit thinner, it could be used as a bookmark. Also not afraid of no rain, no humidity, no short-term immersion in water, also with non-replaceable battery lasts for three years. Because Slim to nothing is glued, if necessary, the tracker can be used for different protected objects. Maximum range – up to 61 meters. Worth the 29.99 dollar apiece. By size Slim – the greatest tracker in the line of: 86 x 54 x 2.4 mm.

The thinnest tracker

Model Mate (buddy, friend), can be attributed to the upper middle class. The device in the size 35 x 35 x 6.2 mm, when you purchase one thing, it will cost 24.99 dollar, four pieces offered for 69,99 dollar, pieces of eight – for 129,99. Works at distance of up to 61 meters. The battery is removable and lasts for a year.

Model Mate

And the cool light from the Tile is called Pro. Simple and without any superfluous words like AirPods or iPhone 11 in front of him. Size – 42 x 42 x 6.5 mm, range up to 122 m of the models of beacons Tile Pro is available in colorful variants. In black and white. If you thought what colour would you choose, do not expect. I have always believed that only psychos can withstand a thousand times more than large corporations (NeXT around with this and started), and here is proof. When you purchase one of the tracker Pro, it can only be black, and will cost you 34.99 USD. When you purchase two for 59.99 dollar, you will receive black and white light. With the purchase of four – two white and two black, plus a free gift bags. The battery is removable and lasts for a year.

The Pro Version

Strong, stylish, sustainable. Isn’t it? About issues I don’t they will break in more Apple will experience more of them. Until – one-zero in favor of Tile.