The abundance of bugs and flaws 13 iOS forced Apple to seriously reconsider the model release, not only by narrowing the time intervals between new versions of the OS, but also greatly reducing the number of stages of beta testing. Affected need urgently to restore the devices that received the software damage upgrade, also provide the output of all planned innovations. As a result, in the third month after the launch of iOS 13 Apple has released eight updates, three of which are updates of the second order.

Apple today released final version iOS iPadOS 13.3 and 13.3. This event was held after four stages of beta testing. It turns out that the release of the first testing build before the release in just a month, which is quite a bit by the standards of the Apple, which is used to test the updates of the second order of 2-2. 5 months. Anyway, back when these updates contained a large number of new features, that’s what happened, but at least reduce the significance of the updates of the second order has fallen and the quality of the innovations.

What’s new in iOS 13.3

  • The ability to restrict the communication by mobile phone, FaceTime or Messages using the “Screen time”;
  • The ability to limit the contents of your contacts list using the “Screen time”;
  • The opportunity to continue reading, moving the cross-links, or opening other articles of the same edition in “Stock”;
  • Added the ability to create a video clip during trimming video into the “Photos”;
  • In Safari you can use the security keys, NFC, USB, and Lightning-enabled FIDO2;
  • In Mail, fixed bugs that could prevent the download of new messages;
  • Fixed an issue which prevented messages to Gmail accounts;
  • Fixed bugs that could cause the message was incorrectly displayed symbols, but also to the fact that messages sent to Exchange accounts, was duplicated;
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor could not be moved after the long press on the spacebar;
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the screen shots sent in “Messages” looked blurred;
  • Fixed issue where edited screen shots could not be saved in the Photo after cropping or use a partitioning tool;
  • Fixed an issue where records created using the “Recorder” could not be transferred into other applications for working with sound;
  • Fixed an issue where the option “Cellular data” would be displayed as disabled when it was enabled;
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent off of Dark mode, when you enable “Smart invert”.

Despite the fact that the list of innovations iOS 13.3 is quite wide, almost all of them are fixes to existing bugs and flaws. Of the truly new features can be noted except that additional tools restrictions “Screen time” and support the security keys in Safari that will allow users to forget about passwords. But corrections of unstable operation Wi-Fi module in the iPhone and iPad, iOS 13.3 and has not appeared. Let’s hope that Apple chose not to disclose it, for fear of criticism from users.