Yesterday Apple released iOS 13.3. The update includes the ability to restrict the communication by mobile phone, FaceTime or Messages using the “Screen time”, correction of errors in Mail that could prevent the download of new messages, and much more. There was even resolved an issue where records created using the “Recorder” could not be transferred into other applications for working with sound. Yes, plenty of bugs, forcing Apple to release is the eighth update in three months, but as it turned out, the iOS 13.2.3 there was another serious bug, which became known only now – as AirDrop.

AirDrop has been designed to allow users to share files with each other, and depending on the settings access can be restricted to contacts only, you can do a complete ban on the reception of the file or allow you to send them to any nearby iPhone. But in iOS 13.2.3 AirDrop can be a real nightmare for your iPhone, taking a few files in a row without stopping.

The iOS 13

When you receive a file via AirDrop on iPhone or iPad block the action on the display as long as the incoming request will not be accepted or rejected. Previously, iOS does not restrict the number of queries that can be used with the device, so the repeated requests, the attacker could upload files again and again to an iOS device “fixated” on the receiving files, and it became impossible to use..

Sending messages was unlimited

First and foremost vulnerable to attack was the device, which is set to “accept all”, which is not AirDrop setting default. Initially limited to AirDrop contacts only, and the All option needs to be enabled manually. However, I recently went to the subway, and could send photos 15 passengers on AirDrop without any restrictions.

The 13.3 update iOS bug doesn’t work anymore — Apple has restricted a number of messages, AirDrop, which can be sent to your iOS device for a certain period of time. Given that this was not a traditional security vulnerability, Apple will not focus on it attention in the description of the update. But now you have another reason to load up on your iPhone or iPad yesterday’s update.

Of the truly new features in iOS 13.3 it is possible to note additional tools restrictions “Screen time” and support the security keys in Safari that will allow users to forget about passwords. But corrections of unstable operation Wi-Fi module in the iPhone and iPad, iOS 13.3 and has not appeared.