Apple devices are not just considered among the safest in the world. The company has made great efforts in order to promote iPhone, iPad and Mac computers as gadgets with increased resistance to burglary. No wonder any news about that someone was able to get the device to Apple’s “bigger than you”, immediately causes heated debate. In Cupertino are proud of the safety of their devices and have every right to be. Because as we know, this is important not only for ordinary users but for those who use Apple gadgets in your business.

Perhaps, it is difficult to represent the company, the devices which are more suitable for business terms of security than the Apple gadgets. The Corporation is so concerned about the privacy of its users, even US law enforcement agencies at the time are unable to access your iPhone without knowing the password, and even legislators failed to force Apple to violate the privacy of correspondence of the owner iPhone, because it could set a dangerous precedent.

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Why Apple devices can be called safe

Behind examples far to walk not necessary. Still not recovered from the virus outbreak encoders Petya and WannaCry, but many remember that suffered from it are mostly owners of Android devices and computers on Windows. Because of the specificity and “closed” operating systems Apple iOS and macOS, the epidemic passed them by, while the number of affected Android devices in the tens of thousands. If you imagine that one of these smartphones could be used by a top Manager of a large company that stores it on your device confidential information, even just to assess the damage from the hacking of his gadget is not possible.

Of course, your virus for any system — so periodically appears information that any hacker could break things. But first, Apple in this case, responds with lightning speed, eliminating all the flaws and exploits; second, the user (especially corporate) rather choose a system that is most secure.

In the corporate world, the information stored on the devices, often in tens and hundreds times more expensive than the devices themselves, — said Anton Karpov, head of the business Apple is the company Softline.

For iOS there is no antivirus software, whereas in Google Play such applications the mass. Why? Team of moderators App Store just do not miss such a program, as it deems fraudulent. As for the operation it is necessary not just to keep track of what others are doing applications, but also to penetrate directly to the operating system code. And iOS, as we know, the operating system never open source.

The Apple ecosystem is one of the arguments in favor of its choice for business

Additional security measures for iOS

Apple carefully monitors apps that enter the App Store, and approves them only after examining the code. In other words, a normal user cannot install the app from the official Apple store (about jailbreak do not say this is a deliberate harm to the device). However, especially for corporate clients developed the Enterprise Developer program, which allows you to build native apps and place them on the intranet “Apple Store”.But in this case the security is given special attention. With MDM it is possible not only to restrict access for certain users, but also configure the security policy. The company knows and can control what devices are used by employees, and how they get access to internal corporate network resources and applications. This is especially important when working with confidential information: for example, middle managers do not necessarily know that the user is planning a merger with another company, and Apple devices together with the tool will allow you to avoid data leakage and to distribute the access to information.

MDM profile allows enough flexibility to customize your Apple device for corporate use and is essentially an additional safety measure for the business. The administrator of a corporate environment MDM has the power not only to install and remove applications, but also disable the function on your smartphone, track the location of a worker to limit the Internet traffic and can wipe the device remotely. All any employee is first person, and the person may lose the smartphone (even corporate), becoming a victim of fraud, and so on. Additional control for Apple devices allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences from such situations.

Control panel MDM

Why the company make better use of your Apple device

If we are talking about creating an enterprise mobile ecosystem, buy an inexpensive Android-smartphones — not the best option. They are, as we have seen, much less secure, besides, to set up these devices, supply the need and to provide the necessary level of security, may take several weeks (at best) to a few months.

With Apple, everything is much easier. There’s even a special service (AaaS), which allows to obtain immediately pre-configured device with all necessary accessories, services and software. In Russia it has exclusive rights from Apple offers Softline: that is not just a corporate iPhone, iPad and Mac, and then sent to float freely, and provide services without which these devices will not fully operate in a corporate environment.

How to make Apple even safer

Security depends not only on the companies and tools they use, but also from the users themselves. For example, it is useful to include two-factor authentication on the device — if you really want to protect your data, the best method yet invented. In this case, nobody will be able to access your information in iCloud without confirmation. Not even the presence of the cheater’s Apple ID and password.

It is useful to restrict the lock screen. Why, for example, to display the full text of the notification without authorization from the user? Or show the transaction in the Wallet, not to mention access to the menu “Today” without unlocking the iPhone.

It is important to the safety of forgotten employees

Key point — time to update the iOS. Apple just releases updates, many of them fix critical vulnerabilities in the system. The benefit to Apple operating systems are supported by appliances for 4-5 years. Only — we must not forget that in the case of corporate applications it is necessary to control their correct operation at all operating system versions.