Smart watch, the device is extremely specific. Despite the abundance of potential areas of development like and pressure measurement non-invasive blood test, they still remain only a theory. Affected by the lack of technological solutions to implement those practices which still exist only on paper in the form of patents. And okay smart watch was cheap, so the fact that Apple sells a new model for the price of the flagship Android smartphones, pushing away many users. But is it necessary to buy everything new?

Apple Watch Series 5 that Apple introduced this fall, cost about 30 thousand rubles, though almost no different from the Apple Watch Series 4. The only functional change of hours of the fifth generation, which you may notice is the ability to constantly maintain the screen in an active state. But because, as practice shows, many do not take this opportunity, fearing a premature discharge, the differences between the models can be neglected. Does this mean that you should be buying the Apple Watch Series 4? Not at all.

Should you buy the Apple Watch 4 in 2019

The minimum differences between the models did their job, bringing the clock of the fourth generation in the Russian retail is estimated at 25 thousand rubles for the basic version. Still, from a functional point of view, Apple Watch Series 4 very even nothing, the large display, increased memory, support ECG. But there is a catch. Despite the fact that last year’s model is able to take readings of the electrocardiogram, in Russia, this function is not working and it is unknown whether ever. So buying these watches, you are greatly overpaid, hurl.

Whether the case of the Apple Watch Series 3. Pricing model 2017 starts from 15 thousand rubles for the version in 38mm and reach 17 thousand for the version in 42 mm. case Someone says that retailers are simply discarded unmarketable, but I do not agree with them. The fact that the Russian Apple Watch Series 3 have an almost complete set of features of the new models, but deprived of their shortcomings. And the price, I have to say, a significant disadvantage of hours of actual generation, and a nearly twofold difference pozaproshlogodnie model plays the last hand.

How much Apple will update the Apple Watch 3

Now for the updates, because for many software device support is crucial. However, experience here is clearly not worth it. Apple are very loyal in supporting and, as you probably know, still continues to update the Apple Watch Series 1. Therefore, even assuming that the model of the first generation will cease to support next year, Apple Watch Series 3 got at least another three years. And during this time technology will certainly make a serious improvement, and you buy something more interesting.