iPhone, for all its consistency and simplicity is a technically complex device with many features that many users underestimated for some reason. Look at the format of the HEIF, which allowed users with compatible iPhone models to have unlimited space in Google Photos to store photos in their original quality. Of course, Google has promised to cover the bench, to be fair, however, before this is done, the people a few years could enjoy that privilege and in a whisker does not blow. However, sometimes there are less obvious features of the operating system that many take for a problem and trying to fix with the service centers.

Not to dial on the iPhone

Recently I asked for help a friend who complained that no one could get through to him the first time, but only with the second. He said that he already rebooted your iPhone SE several times, installed all the latest updates and even got the operator for a new SIM card, because I thought that the problem is old. Needless to say that neither the first nor the second, nor the third situation is not corrected. Moreover, no matter what SIM card he had inserted in the tray, calls consistently passed only the second time, and the caller received a notice that the called subscriber is busy.

However, I had to take the smartphone in hand as everything became clear. It turns out that all this time my friend had activated “do Not disturb”, which stopped the incoming calls. But due to the peculiarities of its operation mode only blocked the first call, assuming that if the caller calls again, then it was something serious and this call should be skipped.

Not to dial the first time. What to do

  • To turn off “do Not disturb”, go to “Settings”;
  • In the list of available options, select “do Not disturb”;
  • Disable “do Not disturb” by moving the toggle switch in the down position.

However, the problem faced by my friend, there is another side. It turns out that in iOS there is a special add-on that actually blocks all calls that come from unfamiliar numbers. Because of this, many users who accidentally activate this option, I can not grasp why they can’t call people whose telephone numbers were not included in the list of contacts.

Do not call unknown numbers. What to do

  • To disable the ban on receiving calls from unknown numbers, go to “Settings”;
  • From here, go to the tab “Phone” and select “Mute unknown”;
  • Disable the “Mute unknown conversion” toggle switch in the down position.