A week ago Apple launched a Apple TV+ with exclusive movies and serials of own manufacture. Despite the enormity of the project, he, as often happens with all innovations, was not devoid of a number of important features, of which language does not turn called disadvantages. However, there are those who openly negatively affect the experience of using the service and the impression is formed by the subscribers. Understand what kind of features, is it possible to fix them and whether to do it at all.

Bitrate - the number of bits used for transmitting/processing data in a unit of time. Bitrate is commonly used when measuring an effective transfer rate of the data stream on the channel, i.e. the minimum size of the channel that will be able to skip this thread without delay. Bitrate is bits per second (bps, bps), as well as derivative values with prefixes kilo- (kbit/s, kbps), mega- (Mbit/s, Mbps) etc.

Than Apple TV+ Netflix is better

The first and perhaps the main feature of the Apple TV+, which plays into his hands, is a high bitrate. Edition FlatpanelsHD checked the effective transfer rate of the data stream in 4K and found that on the Apple site it is almost twice higher than that of Netflix. If the bitrate of the TV series broadcast on Apple TV+, the average is 29 Mbps (up to 41 Mbit/s), the Netflix – no more than 16 Mbps. This is radical difference, which is directly related to the quality of the picture. It turns out that the max bitrate Apple TV+ corresponds to the standard Blu-Ray.

The second feature is that some users suddenly received the gift of an annual subscription to Apple TV+. Yes, Apple do offer this ability, but only to those who bought a new iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or Apple TV after 10 September. However, some of those who got a free pass, note that it does not buy new devices. One of the lucky ones turned out to be the wife of the founder blackget.com Mikhail Korolev, account which no reason, no reason at all attached one-year subscription to the service.

Free Apple TV+

Quite remarkable that not all users who bought new devices within the prescribed period, Apple was able to obtain a free subscription on the Apple TV+. Despite the fact that Cupertino has promised automatic binding subscription when you first log into the TV app, it did not happen. As it turned out, the reason for this was a crash that occurred on Apple servers. Therefore, in order to supply all who are eligible for a free subscription, Apple started giving away unique promotional codes for which you need to contact support.

Not appreciated by the users and the implementation of app TV, which provides access to Apple TV+. According to some subscribers, they are faced with the fact that the service does not remember the moments at which they stopped viewing, and not allow it to continue with the second. Therefore, all that remains to do in such situations — either to start watching again, or relying on memory, to shake the series up to the moment when the action on the screen will start to seem unfamiliar. However, sometimes the application simply crashes, and therefore all progress is fast is you have to start over.