With each new iteration, the entity referred to as Smart Battery Case from the world famous “Apple Empire” is less like to call accessory. This is a real mobile peripherals for mobile devices. And even if Apple considers it appropriate to stoop to such vile prose, why not do the same to us? Actually, joking aside: the case, in my mind, the foremost concern for iPhone. These means of personal protection, perfect from an aesthetic point of view, the selection color for which Apple spent more time and money than other companies on the development of the whole families mobile phone produced, even in the Golden age, when Steve Jobs – but, I think, much success they had.

High design and the corresponding price is not always in demand. But today we are not talking about ordinary cases, and Smart Battery Case, sales of which began last week. On the design of similar devices from Apple plenty of the audience were ottoptali in 2015, when Apple have decided to increase the duration of the iPhone in this way. In 2018 covers with extra power for iPhone back in the world, not causing strong emotions. But all these previous attempts were flowers on the background of the fact that Apple put on the shelves of online stores and retailers last week.

The case is not for everyone

Fully charged batteries all the options iPhone 11 enough for the whole day, even when they are frequent and wasteful use. Places where you can recharge the iPhone became much more than in the middle of the decade. In subway stations, in trains MCK. A special need in a case, which is slim and elegant iPhone case 11 are similar to the cargo version of passenger Airliners, it would seem, no. On a full charge your own iPhone battery 11 works 17 hours, 11 iPhone Pro 18, iPhone 11 Pro Max as much as 20. This time of “video viewing”, data on the potential charge a huge battery in the new iPhone, Apple shamefully silent. Competitors say that their smartphones can hold a charge longer – but even if they do not lie, charge iPhone 11 all sizes long enough to cope with even the most power-consuming operations not less than these promised Apple 17, 18 and 20 hours. Even without recharging.

The hump seems to not bother anyone

Case with rechargeable battery increases the battery life by half, to 25.5, 27 and 30 hours. Is the game worth the candle? If Apple sold Smart Battery Case of its development dollars for a 15 or 20 – can and should be. But alas. In the us online store prices are excluding taxes and fees. In different States they are different. Therefore these prices can be used as a kind of base. Not to be confused with cost. According to financial reports, Apple’s margin in the present quarter did not fall below 30%. That is, in round figures, the present cost of approximately (and “usually”) equal to 70% of this base price. The base price of all Apple Smart Battery Case with for iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and 11 Pro Mach, is the same: $ 129. In the Russian Federation, this elegant, not scary at first glance, the price becomes 11 176 ₽. But this is the final price, with all taxes and fees. 11 thousand for a case, half-extending the time for total charge all lithium-ion battery cells complex?

This case is not for everyone, but Apple is not the company which would spend 90.3 per dollar on development, acquisition of components, manufacturing and shipping products which nobody will buy it. The plant in southern mainland China were ordered to the relatively small number, because according to the “Apple” analysts sales special demand for this product is not expected. But the reality exceeded my expectations, the order had to be told twice, place it on another plant in General, without Steve jobs guess the movement of many souls of the world’s population in the company’s management to practice.

Features Smart Battery Case

First, on the right side of their shells, comfortably recessed in the hull, placed a control button cameras. One of the most common “Fi” in the address does not need anyone Smart Battery Case for XR, XS and XS Max was the inability to take pictures and shoot video of the phone shrouded. Removed the cover quickly and without any problems, but what I wanted to shoot too often disappears even faster. Now, to uncover the iPhone is not required. The button is arranged is not trivial – first, it doesn’t work immediately, but from about the second delay. Apple announced that this is not a fault, it’s just a precaution against accidental button presses, for example, in the pocket. And the delay was chosen according to the results of lengthy thorough test. In my opinion, there is no guarantee against inadvertent operation in a crowded pocket it does not – but they, of course, know better. After switching on the camera by pressing the button is photographing, long-term – video removed. From this button extends a thin wire to the motherboard cover, interacting with the same charge inside the phone. You would have bought this? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

X-ray of case for iPhone 11 Pro

Second, the number of chips on the motherboard smart cover has increased markedly. Now this really can be called the motherboard, it is felt that above this thing is not for everyone worked really hard. Third, in case embedded coil for inductive (i.e. wireless) charging case. Compatible with any wireless charger supports the Qi Protocol. The status of the batteries of the smartphone and the cover is displayed on the smartphone screen. The case can be charged separately, while in the case of visible light indicator. When sharing the charging indicator to see the impossible.

Lightning connector and “motherboard cover”