Since the presentation is hard-professional Mac and the third generation was unpleasant, and since July of this year, the fate of the Mac Pro “with holes on wheels” was in danger. Due to circumstances almost irresistible force. And I began to doubt that it will release at all, especially this fall – but the events of October 30, dispelled these doubts. Event were two, and both occurred on this day.

30 Oct 2019 of the Federal communications Commission (FCC) formally recognized the new Mac Pro “wireless device that meets its requirements”, awarded him the ID and allowed its sale. It’s funny – this mysterious monster really “wireless device,” but more importantly. The device received FCC ID, usually shortly be on the market. However the duration of this “soon” is different. For example, in 2007 between receipt of the first iPhone FCC ID and the beginning of its sales within a few months, but this was a special case. Apple had reason to fear serious opposition, obtaining a permit could take a long time, and the first few attempts failed, but the company’s lawyers showed class and did a whole lot faster than anticipated.

Why am I dredging up the history of bygone days? In my memory, about getting another Apple product FCC ID reported in the media a second time. The first was the iPhone. Did your Mac Pro problems with FCC? We’re on this “wireless device” a lot of things do not know. In June, about wireless technology in the new Mac Pro announced that it was “Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth 5.0”, but something could have remained silent. The value and market prospects of the first iPhone and the Mac Pro “on wheels” is incomparable. Probably not, but I’m having doubts that the new Mac Pro released at WWDC at the appointed time (you, too? Write in our Telegram chat). While the hope for something beyond the reality of innovation, though weak as a root broke through a crack in the pavement, still remained.

On 30 October, reporting on the results of the last quarter of fiscal 2019, Tim cook promised again that sales of the Mac Pro “will begin this fall.” Until 30 October, the same was reported by only a line on the Apple website that you could easily forget to remove, as it happened with the mention of AirPower some time ago. That is, despite everything and against all odds, they’d let him out the other day?

Why the Mac Pro is still not out

Ineradicable craving provided the audience a “freebie” could not turn into big trouble – and it seems the day of reckoning came. The mass emigration of production of computer equipment to third world countries with cheap labor and not spoiled by the legislation of the labor force has drastically reduced prices on computers and what today we call gadgets, which sell everything that was growing rapidly, the company grew rich, the warnings about how this will all end was a voice crying in the wilderness. “Live for today and don’t get smart!” – rebuked them. And so, “today” was yesterday. The Golden age in the past. In third world countries now willing to work for far more money and return manufacturing back already too complicated.

This must have something to do – and the administration of the tramp (English “trump” is translated as “trump card”, “a nice guy”, or even “trump”) has decided to impose duties on import of all that is produced in mainland China (and this is almost all in the IT industry). To hit this trump was planning in the early fall, then the introduction of fees is delayed, but that they will be introduced there is little doubt. On one side is not ready, on the other – all has gone too far, the situation is almost irreversible, and that “almost” is already fading away. It was announced in July.

The Mac Pro is the only Apple device that is made in the USA

Tim cook, Apple CEO, one of the pillars of the national economy, the requested relief – but he was denied. “Make it here” – said “nice guy”. iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and much more – all this is produced mainly in China from components that, with rare exception, produced there. This is how everything is more expensive! Measures are being taken but time is too short, and no short-term deferral or the transfer of production to third world countries against which “tariffs” have not yet introduced, to seriously change the situation in no time. The return of production in the USA is generally a process that takes forever.

“What about Mac Pro?” you ask – “His will be produced in Austin, Texas, in the U.S., Apple stories about it already began to tire, this is all I know!” In fact, even my grandmother at the entrance in the course. Mac Pro in the form of Japanese street bins long produced in Austin, like iMac Pro, and prototypes of the Mac Pro “on wheels”. Part of their components (body, wheels, and something else on the little things) there is produced also, Intel makes processors and chipsets for them in the United States – everything else imported from China. In June, the basic configuration of the new Mac Pro was estimated at a shocking 5 $ 999, but that was before “nice guy” announced his intention to “go trump”.

And still, the Mac Pro is imminent. Fall. This fall.

The presentation, Apple will not

Declaring October 28, AirPods Pro, Apple has made it clear that there was no festive gathering on the occasion of the next achievements of the company, with presentations of very different stuff, starting with the AirPods special class and ending with the Mac Pro and Apple Display Pro XDR (this time without the innuendo), and some interesting novelties, among them, will not. Instead, like in November or December, Apple will hold a special event for “creative professionals”. Bright and beautiful will introduce the Mac Pro and Apple Display Pro XDR, will give a master class use Sidecar in real life most of these professionals, and the décor will depict the sincere love for this social group.