What smartphone is the best? To answer this question can be different depending on who makes it. Fans of mobile photography usually suggest something from Huawei and gamers – Black Shark or Nubia. Much more difficult with those who are looking for the most “balanced” and “optimal all the characteristics of” machine, which would and worked quickly and pictures of doing good, and for everyone to see that it’s not that anyhow, and really the best smartphone. But if earlier it was difficult, but now just buy the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Experts Roskoshestvo in conjunction with the International Assembly of the consumer trials have tested the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. New items checked out 10 aspects that are crucial for any smartphone: the photo and video quality, display quality, performance, sound, autonomy, call quality, durability, ease of use, navigation and functionality. Who would have thought that the results of the test first place with the highest score will occupy the flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max, becoming the first iPhone for many years, which was awarded the title of best smartphone on the market.

iPhone with best camera

Camera iPhone 11 Pro Max not the best, but good enough

The camera is a key feature of the new items, so she paid special attention. Despite the low by modern standards the resolution of each of the three modules is equal to 12 MP, they can take good images with accurate color reproduction, wide viewing angle and a sufficient contrast. However, photos taken in low-light conditions with night mode active, was far from ideal, said the experts.

The display is Super Retina XDR, which Apple uses in iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max really is the best solution of those that have ever installed in iPhone. It has high levels of readability, regardless of the angles. Besides, said Rascacielo, this display consumes less power than previous, providing a high energy efficiency.

The most powerful smartphone of 2019

CPU A13 Bionic underlying the new products from Apple, is the most productive and fastest to date. He even bypasses the top solutions available in smartphones running Android, experts said. So it really can be called the most powerful mobile processor today. He easily pulls heavy games, video editing in 4K and the iPhone provides a high level of performance.

The increase in battery capacity also benefited all the novelties. However, there is the undeniable leader was iPhone 11 Pro Max, which promised an extra 5 hours compared to the iPhone XS Max. Check Roskoshestvo showed that Apple deceived its users, because its flagship has demonstrated record performance not only among iPhone but also among the many Android flagships, proving that the Apple, nothing is impossible.

The most reliable iPhone

Strength iPhone 11 Pro Max was the highest of all three innovations. It is difficult to say what exactly this is, but he’s better than everyone moved 100 revolutions in a special drum, while the iPhone 11 Pro crashed after 50 spins. However, the case it is better to buy now and then, to another device. In the end, the glass enclosure is a priori not as strong as metal or plastic.