The consumer does not know what he wants until he does not give. This position is held by Steve jobs and I must say, it worked. However, after his resignation as Apple CEO the company’s policy began to change, and design new products increasingly began to behave with an eye to the opinion of those to whom they will buy. So appeared on the market the iPhone with a larger display, the iPad mini, Apple Watch and even – horrible to say – Apple Pencil. However, to touch the Mac it will not come neither in the near nor in the distant future, assured Phil Schiller.

According to Phil Schiller, senior Vice President of worldwide product marketing, in Cupertino do not plan to release a Mac with a touch screen. He told this in an interview with CNET, which gave right after the release of the new MacBook Pro 16”. He stressed that it is not a principle on which there is a company, and considerations of common sense, that are guided by Apple engineers and the users themselves, most of which do not need touch a Mac in any form.

Why is the touch Mac will never be released

“If we combined Mac and iPad, you’d get the intermediate product, the intermediate product is not as good as the sources that were taken as a basis. We believe that the best personal computer is a Mac, and the best tablet is the iPad, and we want to continue to follow these principles. The advantage of iPad is that you can do with it anything you want, using the touch screen, whereas a Mac involves using the keyboard and mouse, and we don’t need to compromise,” says Schiller.

In fact, Schiller is right. Today iPad is already as close to Mac in terms of capabilities. Apple even had to put the tablet on a separate version of the operating system, which, though based on iOS, but still has a wide range of functions. For a long time, Apple’s avoided it, but eventually came to understand that limiting the iPad users, to achieve its transformation into a fully working typewriter would be impossible. Therefore, it was decided to leave the prejudices of the past and seriously upgrade the entire line.

And the sense of touch and Mac however is a bit. The fact that macOS is completely not adapted to control with your fingers. The abundance of small cells lack a convenient way to interact with the operating system interface as well as it allows you to make iPad. But even if Apple had built in the screen of their computers with a touchscreen, most likely, it would be very few. Still, the design of any Mac, whether a MacBook or iMac, involves the vertical location of the screen.