AirPods difficult to call an ordinary wireless headphones. Despite the fact that the quality of sound they can lose classmates, technological bells and whistles, even the original model has no equal, not to mention the chassis is the prefix Pro. The latter has received so many innovations that in order to list all of them, not enough fingers of both hands. Therefore, we have compiled a selection of non-obvious features of AirPods Pro, part of which applies to headphones of previous generations.

How to get AirPods Pro

Because of the changing design AirPods Pro many users are faced with the fact that their trite became inconvenient to remove from the charging case. For many it has become a serious reason to doubt the professionalism of the designers who were designing new headphones. However, in Cupertino, as always, took care of everything. The main thing when removing the AirPods Pro from the case not to try to grasp the rounded tops of the fingers, and, putting a finger under the earpiece cover side, tighten it to itself as shown in the video.

How to see the charging status AirPods

View the charging status AirPods you can, not lifting them from the charging station

If you charged AirPods 2 or Pro from a wireless station, you can check the charging status without taking the case with headphones in hand. To do this, simply touch your finger to the area near the charging indicator on the case AirPods, as the led will light up. Yellow indicates that charging is not yet completed, and the green set is fully charged. This is particularly useful if no iPhone is connected to headphones.

How to use AirPods as a hearing aid

Thanks to live-listen to the AirPods can be used as a hearing aid

Every AirPods allow their use as a hearing aid or an external MIC. Even if you have good hearing, AirPods, for example, you can leave it in the room where the child sleeps, to listen to what is happening there. Live-listen to the headphones to activate the built-in microphone and record what’s happening outside. To do this, go to “Settings” — “control Point” — “to Configure ale. management” and add the item “Ear” in the control. Then click on swipe down, click on the ear icon and use it.

How to include music to two AirPods directly

13 iOS lets you stream music on two pairs of AirPods directly

With the release of iOS 13 iPhone users received the ability to display sound dorozku on two pairs of AirPods immediately, regardless of the model. To do this, open the control point and the widget playback, press the AirPlay icon. Then in the opened window, select the AirPods the person with whom you want to share music, and share sound, after opening the lid of the charging case headphones.

How to set clicking on AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro are controlled using taps, swipes and not as the first two generations

In AirPods Pro Apple engineers have redesigned the control system, replacing the gesture of depression. Despite the fact that the new method was no better or worse than the original, to many it was not to their liking. If you are one of them, you can try to adjust the duration and strength of the taps to meet your preferences. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Universal access” — AirPods and make the necessary changes in the sensitivity of the headphones.

How to find a lost AirPods

The Locator app will help you find the AirPods if they are somewhere near. Affected by the dependence on a Bluetooth connection

If you suddenly lost AirPods somewhere in the apartment, at a party or at work, you can try to find them. For this you need to use the application “Locator”, which appeared in iOS 13. Run it, click on devices and verify that the AirPods are close to you, but if you don’t see them, click on the playback signal. The definition is due to the Bluetooth connection, so you can find headphones from home if you dropped them somewhere on the street, will fail.

How to enable notifications for AirPods

AirPods are able to announce who is calling you at the moment. Conveniently