Do not pay attention to “LG” in the name of this device. This is the official Apple display that is optimized for Apple and developed with her participation. Models of such displays two 4K “budget” option, with a price approximately equal to 2/3 of the cost of the rack from the Apple Pro XDR Display. Thus, in rubles, the price doesn’t look very budget.

In 2019 to replace the first generation of UltraFine LG 4K came a second, with exactly the same name – but the display was completely different. First, changed its size diagonally, with 21.5 inches (54.6 cm) to 23.7 (60.2 per cm). Secondly, have changed his resolution. It was 4096х2304, was 3840×2160. That’s not a typo, the screen sizes have increased and resolution decreased. Pixel density has become smaller, the frame around the display (from black unsightly plastic) remained in place, the space for expression was smaller. Those who are accustomed to the previous model, Express the model 2019 careful displeasure. But not so strong to give up or announce device non grata.

It’s not all changes. LG 4K UltraFine 2019 is able to work not only with Mac s, but with the iPad (or rather iPad Pro third generation, with USB connector-C). In extreme cases, the display can also be used with PC, but due to the fact that the housing of the display there is no controller (no brightness, no contrast, nothing), and because of its other features, it is not well-suited for them. Injustice and inequality: a Mac and work without problems with the usual PC’shnymi displays, as far as I know even iPad knows how to do it – but the PC with the LG 4K UltraFine uncomfortable. However, if using Boot Camp to run on a Mac, Windows or Linux magic “Apple display from LG” disappears. Just manage display settings transferred with his corps in the system settings. Sometimes it’s great (settings remember settings from the previous connection and use this knowledge in the subsequent connection), sometimes not too – and if those who really want to use a PC or Boot Camp it LG UltraFine will be enough utilities to manage the configuration of other OS’s are written, it is not too difficult.

LG 4K UltraFine 2019

The display came out suddenly, even without a press release in late July of this year. About the change in his size compared to the predecessor I already wrote. Its size diagonally – 23.7 inches (in the media, without excessive pedantry, I write about 24 inches – but I promised technical details), with a resolution of 3840×2160. Screen sizes have become larger, resolution – less. It turns out, it happens sometimes. In LG its called Nano IPS, but despite this he is quite decent and workable.

Color his of course juicy

On the housing two USB type-C (Thunderbolt), each of which is able to give to the connected external device 85 Watts. That is, when connecting to any of these connectors MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro the display turns into a charger decent power. As a rule, one of the connectors used to connect this display to a computer, and the device is connected to another connector becomes available to that computer as if it were connected directly to it. When artificially created shortage of Apple connectors, it’s hardly the biggest plus of this display. PC’shnye displays are not capable of.

This monitor more ports than the MacBook

In addition, the case three connector, the USB C without Thunderbolt. Actually it is a dock for Apple notebook, with which you can organize a good stationary lair with a RAID drive and various other connected devices that connects to any portable device user’s single action. The same role in the 90s, performed various docks for the PowerBook Duo, the idea really was interesting and fruitful (only the implementation is slightly suffered).

The maximum brightness of the screen – 540 CD/sq m, contrast – 1200:1. The color palette is DCI-P3. Built-in speaker. Average and ordinary, but it is good data. And the index of the model – 24MD4KL-B – will help to find it on the website of LG or Apple support. On the Russian site Apple display is 58 950 ₽, including all fees and taxes. In the American online Apple store, no tax and cathedrals, it is 699,95 USD. About two-thirds from the price stand the Apple Pro XDR Display. If curious, you can estimate how much this unfortunate standoff will cost to Russia.

By the way, LG 4K UltraFine 2016 and 2019 also have a stand, they are also customizable (compared to the iMac – in an incredibly wide range), but to call them prices I can’t. They included both displays, and even if they are sold separately (as spare part, life happens), data on how much this stand can cost I have not found.

LG UltraFine 4K 2016

In contrast to the current display model, this was officially presented on stage one of the public events Apple unveiled its Phil Schiller, and recommend it to all users of compatible models Macs as a good external display. The size of the screen diagonal – 21.5 inches, resolution – 4096х2304 pixels, or 219 pixels per inch. Maximum brightness – 500 CD/sq. m. Built-in speaker, DCI-P3. The model designation – 22MD4KA-B. Three connectors on the case, all three USB-C, without the support of Thunderbolt. Also Doc, but with more limited capabilities than the model 2019.