They say that irreplaceable people do not happen. However, when Apple leaves a landmark employee, many take it as evidence that she remained long. After all, if the people, in fact, the whole company leaves his post, then no prospects for her anymore. Somehow nobody even thinks that sometimes the reason for leaving is not the pursuit as soon as possible to escape from a sinking ship, and soured relationships with management, as is the case with Scott Forstalla, or the banal desire to develop, as in the case of Joni Ivom, who resigned as Apple’s design chief.

Apple has updated the page with the current leaders of the company by deleting all mention of Jonny Ive, who earlier this year announced his retirement. From now on it will be to run my own design Studio called LoveFrom. Despite the fact that the place Ive as chief designer was to take Evans Hankey, any mention of changes made in the staffing of the Apple are not yet available. Did Apple really wants to show that Quince can’t replace?

What will jony Ive

The list of Apple executives became less after the departure of jony Ive

However, the departure of jony Ive from the post of chief designer does not mean that he will no longer do business with Apple. According to Tim cook, China will continue to cooperate with Apple as a freelance consultant. It is difficult to say what powers would have ex-ex-designer. Perhaps Apple will order him design some minor products such as straps for the Apple Watch or iPhone, but that develop key products of the company from scratch, he will not doubt almost not necessary.

“To do something unusual snap. But I’m not interested. I want to do familiar things better. I am interested to develop products and experiences which are based on concern. Despite the fact that I am not a full-time Apple employee, after leaving the post of chief designer, I’ll still be involved in its activities for many years. I just think that now my care is the most natural and relaxed”, — commented on his departure jony Ive in an interview with the Financial Times.