Forgery is a kind of popularity contest. After all, if the product is necessary to nobody, anybody and in a head will not come to produce copies of it. However, if demand is high, there will always be those who want to create the appearance of owning an expensive original without paying for it full price. Of course, the fake iPhone for a long time nobody is in the same scale, and 7-10 years ago, with AirPods is quite different. It seems that today they are the gadget that are the most frequently counterfeited. As a result, this led to the fact that to distinguish the original from the copy was almost unreal. Understand how to be in this situation.

We have repeatedly told you about the resourcefulness of manufacturers from China producing copies of the AirPods, who have learned not only copy the appearance of the headphones, but also their functionality. For example, it is now quite normal to find on the market Chinese copy, which not only has support wireless charging, but also able to use Siri , say, or automatically linked to your iCloud account. What can I say about the animation is the greeting screen of the iPhone, which the Chinese learned how to summon a few years ago. However, the output is still there.

How to check AirPods serial number

Probably find out whether your chosen instance AirPods fake, on the site of the Apple.

  • Click on this link to the checkout page the right to maintenance and support;
  • Open the cover of the AirPods and find the serial number which is located on the inner part;
  • If the headset is already connected to iPhone, go to “Settings” — “General” — “About phone” — AirPods;

The Apple website allows you to check what you sold the original, not a fake

  • Rewrite the serial number in the input line, then enter the security code and click “Continue.”

Pay attention to the warranty — you can sell used/earphone under the guise of new

  • If the original AirPods, you will see a page like the following, if not, the site will generate an error.

Many argue that to distinguish a fake AirPods can be a welcome animation that appears on the iPhone screen after opening the lid of the box, or menu settings headphones. But it’s not. The fact that the animation and menus are systemic and the painted Apple designers in the design of iOS. The producers of fake headphones can not embed the operating system in its animation, but just know how is tricky to call it at the moment mate. So pay attention to it is clearly not worth it.