It’s not wrong to Express their ideas about the future development of the favorite smartphones of the company. However, there is a very special category of people who believe that their every wish must be fulfilled. This they demanded from Apple install the SD card slot in the iPhone, open the user access file system iOS and the start of production pens. Despite the fact that often the preferences of these users are very specific and even unrealistic, from time to time they coincide with what Apple sees some potential.

Next year Apple will begin to match the flagship iPhone wireless headset, found out analysts of DigiTimes. Likewise we plan to do many smartphone manufacturers of the first echelon. So, Samsung will replace the bundled headphones, which are supplied with the devices of the rulers of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Buds, and Apple – for AirPods. This will allow, firstly, to increase the share of wireless headphones, and, secondly, to justify the increased price of the new iPhone, which is rumored will cost 1200 dollars.

Whether AirPods included with the iPhone

The sources referenced by DigiTimes, does not specify whether the AirPods come with conventionally available iPhone 12 or will appear only in the package iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Still to add to the package even the most simple version of AirPods and keep the price of the smartphone at the level of $ 699 not just difficult, but impossible. To overcome this situation in two ways. The first is to put AirPods and make the iPhone more 12, risking a decline in his popularity. The second is to leave the wired EarPods and keep the old price. In the end, he retained the same Apple included with the iPhone 11 an old power supply is 5 watts.

Personally I find it hard to believe that Apple will like that and will put AirPods bundled with the new iPhone. Of course, nothing will prevent the company to increase the price of smartphones just on the cost of the headphones but most likely she will lose more than win. The fact that the AirPods and so is sold, and increase the price of the iPhone on the margins that Apple gets from sales, the earphone is likely to be too. Even the AirPods many users don’t need corny because of their orientation on convenience, not on sound.

What to say about that concept is complete illogical AirPods in the long run. After all, there is a large category of users who upgrade iPhone every year and if Apple will invest in the package with all future smartphones on a pair of AirPods, over time this will lead to the fact that people will start if you do not throw the headphones, then at least treat them with disdain. And Apple is clearly not necessary.