In early October, Instagram finally abandoned the Subscriptions tab that allows you to monitor the activity of other users of the service. Tab has existed since 2011, but only now the administration is Instagram decided to delete it. It is expected that the next serious step on the part of the service will be the disappearance of likes, and third-party applications already try to cash in on all the missing features.

App with hidden functions Instagram

Until recently, third-party applications such as Like Patrol, continued to offer a way to track what others are doing in Instagram. The service itself could not affect the activity of the app (and its developers receive $ 80 a month from each user) and asked for help in the Apple. The moderators of the App Store long on ceremony and quickly deleted Like Patrol from the app store.

Apple has accused the developers of violating the rules of the App Store. In the opinion of the Corporation, the application “encourage surveillance and constant monitoring of the activities of people in social networks.” Originally developed by Like Patrol said it plans to try to challenge the requirement of Instagram on the termination of the application, but now he hardly wants to go against Apple.

Apple will remove apps with likes Instagram

In fact, the actions of moderators App Store to create an interesting precedent. In the future, Instagram will disappear one of the main functions — display of likes (in the United States are already testing the innovation), and certainly there are apps that will allow you to bypass the limitation. The administration of the service is unlikely to enjoy, and the only way she will be able to influence developers to seek help in the Apple. And iPhone owners fail to take advantage of hidden opportunities Instagram.

Reasons to turn off likes Instagram have several. In the first place because of their “social significance”. Feeling their responsibility for the psychological welfare of the users, the leadership of the social network could decide to just remove them so as not to tempt some extra time to achieve universal acceptance and not to be depressed other. The second reason is to increase the audience.

Experts believe that hiding your likes doesn’t affect the operation of the service as a whole. Even in the absence of such button, the posts will appear in algorithmic feed based on any publications. In any case, the concealment is likely to be optional. And you would have to hide the number of likes on their photos? We probably would not (by the way, subscribe to