Apple is not afraid to make unpopular decisions if it considers that it would be better. Most companies no matter what they think or say, users, which, as practice shows, are always very sensitive to radical changes. Remember what a scandal, when Apple abandoned the 30-pin connector in the iPhone and iPad and transferred them to 8-pin Lightning. And when, Apple replaced the USB-A to USB-C on all new laptops seem to be crying the entire world. So many users still believe that someday Apple will reconsider and return in the MacBook Pro SD card slot. And it is in vain.

Connectors USB-A, HDMI and SD card slot, which Apple removed from their laptops a few years ago, never will again, confirmed by Phil Schiller. The company no longer sees the point in installing these interfaces, because they are commonplace ceased to be popular. And if they are not needed, and installing them is not for nothing. Practice shows, explained the top Manager, what users more and more appreciate the versatility and the Apple responds to this.

What USB-C is better USB-A

“We spend a lot of time for research, exploring the interfaces which our customers use to input and output information, how their preferences are changing. In the end we came to the conclusion that more and more people use USB-C and Thunderboltbecause they like the incredible stock performance of these interfaces and the ability to use the same connector for charging. Therefore, we think that the four USB-C port/Thunderbolt, which we set in our top-end laptops that can meet the high needs that arise for you in the coming years”, — said Schiller.

Of course, no one is immune from non-standard usage scenarios when you need to use the device incompatible with USB-C recognizes Schiller. It happens when using the same SD card. However, there is a wide range of adapters that allow to connect laptops to almost any peripherals. Yes, it will be a sort of compromise, but it will help to enhance the experience when you perform classical tasks.

Why Apple refused to USB-A

Actually I don’t think Apple has deprived new laptops connectors USB-A, HDMI and slots for SD cards just. The company was certainly serious about it. Obviously, before you do so, Apple has carefully studied the issue and realized that for most users, these interfaces do not matter. Therefore, it was decided just to get rid of them from obsolete, especially because over time, there is the opportunity to use more modern standards, which are all better than the old.