Apple preparing for this day. Hundreds of people – artists, programmers, artists, writers, psychologists and many who have almost a year invested in this product their souls. It would be an exaggeration to say that we are all looking forward to this day, if anyone was waiting for it clearly without any special impatience. Now it happened, and they need to win our attention and interest, become necessary to us. Will it have them?

I have the feeling that the day of the launch of the service was chosen by chance. This is Friday (the weekend people have a habit to relax and have fun), and Halloween, the eve of all saints day, fanned by the undying cinematic glory, all at once. 100 countries and regions of the world (what are these regions?), translated into 40 languages (Russian also available), Apple TV+ invaded the personal space of millions of people. You understand why it is done. But to say that they “sucked hundreds of millions in purses throughout the world” we’re not going for another week because everyone given a week free use of service. With unlimited access to everything he has to offer: a television show, a small but attractive set of films to any (as they say) flavor. Movies and shows dubbed, or at least are accompanied by subtitles. They need you to come and are unable to leave. By the way, about to go is not as easy as it might seem.

About free cheese

There are of course some technical limitations, not all countries have this service available (in Iraq it was to become available, but was off the Internet, in General), the service is not available on all devices and requires iOS and tvOS version 12.3 or higher (preferably 13) or macOS Catalina. But impediments to financial flows directed at the right for the company party does not need them. The service is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony and many other places. What is the Apple TV. Its yet on Android, but on his arrival there, already working. And thanks to the web application Apple TV+ service is available wherever there is Safari, Firefox or Chrome. But these limits were technical. And there are still others, from greed.

These other rules quite a bit. It is just one thing: “the subscriber has the right at any time to terminate your subscription until the day before the next payment, the payment in this case will necessarily be deducted from the card bound to the account of subscriber”. That is, if you forget timely to unsubscribe, payback is imminent, and after that you can try not to forget to get rid of the service for another month. In a month all of this costs $ 4.99 in the US, £ 4.99 in the UK, 199 rubles in Russia.

So don’t be afraid of Apple: a piece of bread it by mouth does not blow, the trap is provided, thus, very humane: even the poorest Church mouse almost will not suffer, if that. Everything is thought out.

In addition to the free “trial” week for everyone, there are still many ways to access the service for free – and not the pathetic week, which every year flies by faster and faster, and for a whole year. To do this, for example, to purchase an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or Apple TV (without a plus). If you have purchased any of them after September 10 this year, of course from an official seller or from Apple – you have a right to this bonus. Here only as it to make in Russia, I did not understand. Especially because I haven’t bought anything, and I this bonus does not Shine. Saying it’s easy. The chance to save 199 x 12 rubles! In addition, students who are already signed to Apple Music, is also exempt from paying for an Apple TV+. They are already paying $ 4.99 or 199 rubles per month – is also humane.

Free subscription is available only once, but if you have multiple Apple IDs and several credit cards – I think you can play with them in a cat-and-mouse once a year buying a new Apple product from the list above. As said the head of electronic ticketing, “fly not people, and documents.” Even if you’re exposed, I don’t think it will have any bad consequences. However, I am sure that all the loopholes already closed. The more that we are talking about 1 200 rubles a year.

Is there anything to see?

I don’t like TV shows. I’ve never been particularly fond, but in recent years I have not seen a single one that would not cause me roughly what you have is this my article. Show Apple TV+ they are quite similar, but I have seen them in passing, on the run, I have not yet had the time as it should deal with them. Movies in the Russian language version of the service, at least the ones that I have partially watched (I will add here – and I will inspect), new and seemingly even interesting. They selected correctly, properly and very intelligent people. No commercial breaks, no banners no. They earn otherwise. It is interesting, this is my personal opinion. I still have a few days free trial.

TV shows available on Apple TV+, not everyone will like. So say critics

Like something or not everyone must decide for himself. Competitors, and their darkness (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime is offhand), collections more, but that’ll come. Movies all new. And yet – Apple for so long and deliciously prepared to conquer the world and even in this part of it, in the same direction moved and other companies, just last week about plans to create its own services like Apple TV+ announced two companies. Whether Apple has made a really good guess, and not miss her, or “fruit” company is waiting for the next test. And while the new service vrabatyvaetsya in the breed, and really need us, complaints and suggestions are likely to be heard.