You noticed that too? Don’t tell me that didn’t even pay attention to it. After all, in the past week Apple has not released any beta versions of the upcoming updates. Some even might think that the company is fully established the work of their platforms and will now update them much less, going from a marathon of a system of issue updates coming out several times a week, for a conventional cycle. All it talked about it, but today was the launch of the first beta version of iOS iPadOS 13.3 and 13.3.

Yes, this is no joke. Barely waited one week since the release of previous builds of operating systems, today Apple introduced the first beta version of iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, 13.3 and tvOS watchOS 6.1.1. But macOS 10.15.2, which logically should be the next version of the desktop platform, for some reason did not. Apparently, Apple delayed its launch to a later period, deciding to take extra time to debug all the innovations, which, obviously, with the release of the updates will be a lot.

What’s new in iOS 13.3

Since all of the updates that Apple released today, yet distributed only among developers and is not available to program participants pre-testing, we have no way to test them and to make their impression, not to mention the fact to tell you about the innovations. However, in the near future we have all the answers and will share with you information about the changes that occurred with iOS 13.3 and other updates.

iOS iPadOS 13.3 and 13.3 – it updates the second order, which are also called functional updates. Such updates during the year in not more than four and they all contain significant innovations. For example, iOS 13.2 consisted of technology support Deep Fusion, which processes the photos and makes them clearer and stronger. Despite the fact that it was only available to owners of new iPhone 11, calling her a pass rate of innovation will not turn the language. Just enough to assess the quality of the pictures, which are obtained with the application of Deep Fusion.