Apple released the first beta of iOS 13.3 and 13.3 iPadOS. At the same time, the next beta versions of the other iOS-like operating system (watch OS 6.1 and 13.3 tvOS). Something new about the other iOS-like system (e.g., bridgeOS and audioOS) we learn only when something is not right. About the first of the diagnostic messages about the second audience was already forgotten – but recent events forced him to think about it.

Maybe this time it will cost. But one of my colleagues called the programming process is the opposite of debugging. Debugging is “debugging”, and therefore programming, which, in fact, “bugs” appear in the code – bugging. And in every thing, as we all know, there is a joke. Both processes are unpredictable, each of them full of surprises. Plan them pointless and risky, because the software is written either by a specified date, or until you fix the last known bug – and strict adherence to plans too often leads to the fact that some of the problems recognized are irrelevant, and set aside for sometime later. As “The real artists ship”. If you do not know, Steve jobs said this in response to a request from the team who developed the first Mac to once again postpone its output. Mac was released January 24, 1984, with well-known developers problems – but all ended well.

I expressed my opinion above about the impossibility of planning is my Borchali and a General theory. I know a few people who managed clearly and realistically these processes to manage, and to do it rationally, without victims among developers, and among those who had to test new software for yourself. Problems in the new software are inevitable, but talented Manager (a rarity, by the way) is able to reduce the negative effects of the process of “bugging” to a minimum. I do not believe that it is possible – but I saw and even participated. I still don’t believe.more than half a century of practicing this craft, smart people have designed effective methods, which in skilful hands can work wonders. And even in this case guarantees no one will.

HomePod is listening to you. Always

The change in leadership

Some time ago Craig Federighi (senior Vice President of Apple’s macOS and iOS) Deputy for development (Kim Vorrath) was appointed head impossible but it is vitally important for the company project, and his new Deputy was Stacy Lydic repeatedly and successfully participated in pageants of the company. With a slight terror inside I was waiting for some changes on the operating-system front. About Kim Vorrath I heard. She is tough and not always sustained head. The fact that it has turned out we’ve seen in the past few years. And now we have the opportunity to see (or not see) the difference. Simultaneously published public beta version of the next release is all “open” operating systems Apple. The first beta version of macOS 10.15.2 for developers that went along with them. Version audioOS (operating system HomePod) are developed in parallel and in coordination with open systems. Anyway, it was still.

And bridgeOS lives in his own special world and by his own rules, and who directs its development know only the developers and a few people are in the management of the company. One of them, apparently, included Craig Federighi and johnny Srouji (senior Vice President of worldwide microelectronics), and Tim cook as CEO. If not, diagnostic messages mentioning bridgeOS probably would have been less. Measures to ensure security and secrecy are very expensive. Back to the topic.

To taste the beta version of iOS enough to register on the website with the device on which you want to test it. It is recommended to use for testing a single device – the beta version threat. Then everything is simple: just download and try. As far as I know, the management style of Stacy the other. Personally, I communicate with her was not necessary, but I know people who worked with her – she was fine with that. It’s obsessed with your craft people who invest in the work of the soul that is simultaneously gorgeous and dangerous. Such people are not always adequately respond to strong leadership. To manage them is also difficult as a supersonic interceptor.