I think you have already heard about the fact that last week the state Duma in the third reading adopted a bill that requires electronics manufacturers to install the Russian software developers on their gadgets. Despite that it’s just a disc that does not contain any references to specific types of devices or required to be preset programs, nor responsible for the fulfillment of these requirements, the business seriously strained. Yes, and how not to strain when writing about it not only Russian media, but also overseas. As a result, even in Cupertino decided that it is necessary to defend their interests, even for the sake of it and have to go to the President himself.

Yesterday, 29 November, Apple together with Google, Samsung, Dell and other companies sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with the request not to sign the law on mandatory pre-installation of Russian software on the devices sold in the country, write “Vedomosti”. According to representatives of business, this law is contrary to the principles of the world trade organization, which member is the Russian Federation, and its adoption would violate fair competition in the market, as it will create a special class of privileged developers.

What will the law about the Russian software

According to the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT), the duty of manufacturers to install on their devices soft Russian developers in the long term can lead to the strengthening of the position of gray retailers. After all, if the producers for one reason or another will refuse PE domestic applications, they will be outlawed. Anyway, now in the state Duma promise for those who do not obey the requirements of the law, the penalty of a fine in the amount up to 1 million rubles, as well as a complete ban on trading.

However, the state Duma believes that the requirement to install domestic software will give Russian users the option of choice. The fact that some of the users have no sufficient skills to independently engage in the search for those particular applications, I believe in the state Duma. For them, the presence of pre-installed software from Russian developers will be a boon. The others will be able either to use them or not to use it, and choose something for your liking. It’s called freedom of choice, signed in the lower house of Parliament.

Who benefits from the law about the Russian software

It is quite revealing that the positions on the issue of PE of Russian software are very different depending on the activities of the companies. If Apple, Samsung, Google and others require you to abandon the bill, the “Kaspersky Lab”, Mail.ru Group, MTS and MegaFon, on the contrary, are in favour of it. Their representatives confirmed that the companies support the initiative of the State Duma of the Russian and believe that the adoption of the law will bring only benefits. Though not very clear, what are the benefits of pursuing operators, but what they are interested in the distribution of domestic software — fact.