Despite its status as the most innovative company in the world, Apple surprised quite rare for a long time adhering to the same path. Most company prefers to follow the beaten path, even all their presentations swiping at one and the same time. So when this year Apple refused to hold the October event, everyone was somewhat surprised. In the end, from him we waited several latest innovations, which, apparently, was not destined to come out this fall. However, as it became known recently, the presentation still was, albeit for an extremely limited circle of individuals.

According to The Information, in late October, Apple held a private event in the Theatre of Steve jobs, which invited only senior employees of the company and investors. This was not a typical presentation because of new products to the audience and not shown. However, they were told about Apple’s plans to expand the product line a couple of devices that support augmented reality, which will be released in series in 2022 and 2023.

When will the smart glasses Apple

The nearest novelty, according to sources from The Information, which will be released early would represent something like an AR headset. In any case, this term sounded at the event. The novelty will be the first Apple device of this kind, and therefore requires Apple’s most responsible approach to development. Apparently, so the release of the gadget has been postponed for two years. At least Ming-Chi Kuo, who is rarely wrong in their forecasts, claimed that AR headset, Apple will be released in 2020.

However, a year later, in 2023, the release of Apple’s AR glasses. Most likely, the device will have a different appearance and purpose,their functionality will be roughly similar. It is not excluded that the glasses will be lightweight version of a headset, which can be used in everyday life. If the information is confirmed, it turns out that new AR glasses Apple will be something like HoloLens from Microsoft. They will be able to plot a route in augmented reality, displayed on mini-screens the contents of the notification and much more.

Why Apple loves augmented reality

Apple for several years trying to promote augmented reality technology, paying attention at every event. Despite this, until now, almost all experiments in this field were limited to either games or other extremely primitive tasks. So while it looks like a kind of pilot project in Cupertino simply did not know how to develop. But, apparently, the reality is somewhat different.