No, Tim cook is not going to leave his post, and even if that happened, the head of the company, under its Charter, would become the main Director of operations, Jeff Williams. Apple “all in chocolate”, that would not have thought about it we are with you. Some of those who recently (in recent years) left Apple is also thinking about abandoned them, the company is not too good, and we are confident that Craig could return to Apple’s lost her magic.

Craig Federighi? Many consider him an actor, almost a clown. Many (like me) he made a memorable presentation of a Photo Booth at WWDC 2011, I was sure it was his debut on “the big stage”. About the way it was, but to a much lesser extent than I expected. It was his debut in the role of main development Mac OS X, but on the “big stage” it first appeared in 2009, taking part in the presentation of Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6). In 2009, he behaved modestly and quietly. Below is the video of the historic press conference on the opening of WWDC 2011, the presentation of the Photo Booth begins at 13:17.

Others connect with Craig the failure of Mac OS X (aka OS X, it – macOS), the fact that its new version is now out annually, and each time disappointed. However, even for Snow Leopard, recognized as one of the best releases in its history, in its first releases, had a lot of problems. In October 2012 Craig is responsible for the development of iOS and all its derivatives, too, which not all and not always safely. But decisions about the release schedule of the system accepts it, and the fact that thanks to him, boring in nature of Apple’s event turn into a fun and exciting show – I don’t see anything wrong.

About his activities as senior Vice President of Apple’s software from his former subordinates of different opinions, but the fact that it is in place agree all with whom I am familiar. Your one hundred million dollars (I mean the 500,000 shares the company received as bonuses during the last ten years), he honestly earned. But he never managed the activities of our company as Apple, it is not in this area any experience. The software engineer, for twenty years – technical Manager. Why very intelligent and genuinely concerned for the fate of the Apple people are sure that he can handle it?

Apple does not have the guts?

The current leadership of the company very carefully. Conservative. They say that during the tenure of the current leadership of the company, the number of rejected ideas has long exceeded all limits. If even a small portion of them could bring Apple’s special relationship in the world, then Apple is constantly waiting for a miracle, and from time to time, these expectations were justified. Careful company would not be able to come up with a iMac, MacBook Air, iPod, iPhone or iPad. So say those who recently left Apple. From myself I will add: the company suffers from paranoid fears would not have been able to invent and realize the Apple Watch or Apple AirPods. No noisy to fail with AirPower. But the grain of truth in these statements, apparently, there is.

The head of a huge company does not have a thorough understanding throughout the company’s life. Operations management is very important but only a part of what does the head of the company. Steve was never good at managing operations, and in those cases when he had to do NeXT or at Pixar, the results were not too good –the scale of these companies was microscopic compared even with Apple’s late 90s In the late 90s, Steve tried out a few candidates for this post, and Tim cook was the best. The company, which according to jobs, Apple should be enough “madness” is coming to an end. Offering and recommending Tim cook as the head of the company Steve said: Tim will handle it, up “until 2021”.

Then, apparently, Steve would like to see the head of a mad genius, with an unusual perception of reality and able to distinguish what works from what is not. Most likely, this mad genius was supposed to be Scott Forstall, who miserably failed project of Apple Maps and generally behaved very strange and unlike himself – and were out of the game. By Apple Maps out very easy, but after all this, the situation is extremely simple. Other candidates for this post seems to be not. Craig did not get along with Scott, that after the departure of Scott under his leadership, iOS, but those who worked with Craig than one year I assure you that though he is more cautious than Scott Forstall, but neither obstinacy nor on the part of non-standard ideas that is not inferior.

Who is Craig Federighi

Craig after WWDC 2019

Craig Federighi – an American of Italian origin, was born (in the USA) may 27, 1969. This year he turned 50 years old. Nick – Hair Force One. Transfer will not nick, especially since he is a parody of Air Force One, officially called as the Board President of the United States. NeXT Craig was engaged in the integration of database support to the application, and since 1993 headed the product development has become in 1994, the Enterprise Object Framework (EOF), without going into details, I will inform about this development only the most important: it’s part of WebObjects, probably the most important; for 1994 the EOF was innovative and had no equal; it is the only software in the world against ending the development which is in Objective-C, there were mass protests. One of the famous frameworks, macOS, iOS, and iOS-like systems, Core Data – a direct descendant of EOF.