Business in China is very changed Apple. If earlier the company was inaccessible to any not agreeing to give the authorities when they were required to violate the rights of users, and now without special problems goes on the transaction with conscience and with the Chinese government on its request. Need to migrate data iCloud users in China? Easily. Remove from App Store VPN services, used to bypass locks? Necessary – so necessary. Another thing is that not always attempts by Apple to be good for the Chinese authorities to have a positive outcome.

As reported by Bloomberg, China’s government banned the work of the News services, Apple+, Apple, Arcade, Card and Apple Apple TV+ in the country. Ban streaming videoplace is especially surprising, given that some time ago, Apple issued an ultimatum to the writers of their films and serials, forbidding them to criticize or negative comment on China, local authorities or the Chinese culture. Thus in Cupertino planned to please the Communist party of China and to seek permission to work on.

Why is China so important to Apple

A ban of four services was a real shock to investors. Due to the fact that approximately 10% of the profits from the sale of services Apple users bring from China, investors were counting on the expansion of the company and, as a consequence, the growth of its profits and appreciation of shares. Now, however, expect to change for the better, probably not worth it. In any case, once unlocked unlocking services in China it is very rare that these cases may well be considered the exception, not the rule.

Currently in China there are 6 Apple services from 14: App Store, Apple Music, Videos (the Chinese equivalent of the iTunes Movies), Apple Pay, iCloud and Podcasts. Despite the fact that less than half it’s still better than nothing. The fact that, for example, Google in China is completely prohibited without any exceptions. But we should not forget, what price Apple is able to maintain the efficiency of its services in mainland China, where censorship is extremely strong.

As Apple goes against itself

To work App Store, Apple is forced to continuously clean it from apps that pose a potential threat to the country’s foundations. That is why in the Chinese segment of the catalog you’ll never find VPN services and other services to bypass locks. Work iCloud is supported by the fact that Apple has agreed to transfer processing of the cloud data residing to affiliated with the local government operator. What to talk about Videos and Podcasts, if the Chinese authorities even censored information in the application “Weather”, removing ottola information about air quality.