What is happening now with Apple is like a black band, which the company can not overcome. iOS 13 proved to be so problematic that it is now in Cupertino have tirelessly, to design a fresh update, to resolve all vulnerabilities and system bugs, which was even too much. Of course, at first the users did not notice the trick, rejoicing in the evolving traditions, but over time even the most ardent lovers of the updates started from sin to abandon them. In the end, you never know what other problems will be added next update. But iOS and macOS 13.2 10.15.1 better to install.

Agency for cyber security and security infrastructure of the United States recommends not to neglect the installation of iOS and macOS 13.2 10.15.1. The Department explained that the upgrade is a necessary step for securing compatible devices and data. The fact that previous versions of the operating systems vulnerable to hacker attacks, because they allow to fulfill the arbitrary code to intercept traffic and to elevate privileges without the user’s knowledge.

Why you should install iOS 13.2

Pretty unusual that the Agency’s cybersecurity and infrastructure security, the U.S. General worries about Apple. In any case, before such situations arise, which, in turn, may indicate fundamental changes occurred either in the Department, due to which it became interested in the ordinary user or operating system of Apple, which have become so insecure that now, given their high prevalence pose a risk to large numbers of people.

The last explanation sounds the most logical, because this fall, Apple is really caught in the maelstrom of updates, since every previous version of its operating systems has consistently put users at risk. Often, in Cupertino have not confirmed the fact of presence of critical vulnerabilities, preferring to restrict itself to generalities in the description of the new updates, but a large number of bugs indirectly pointed to the fact that security of proprietary platforms, Apple is also not all right.

IOS security 13

If so, then users who neglect to install the latest updates now in danger. But now to prove to these people that iOS 13.2 only will their devices for the benefit of, and will not bring them down, as has happened with some gadgets? Therefore, it is clear that many users are now afraid of updates as of fire, and generally regret that I agreed to install iOS 13, which were all worse than the previous iteration of the OS, except, perhaps, performance.