Even if a 16 inch MacBook Pro there, it would have to come up with. At management meetings Apple, this idea is not discussed: competitors tested 16-inch form factor, and achieved success. But it doesn’t matter. In dreams of “Apple” laptop which unbearably wanted to have (as in the times of sales growth) are dominated by other motives.

This is a Royal gift top managers responsible for the success or failure of Macintosh directions with the size of her bonus. If the drop in income (and, hence, sales) for their direction continues, they risk losing their place. In the canonical legend about the 16-inch MacBook Pro to the deity (Apple!) reported what his players want, what they are willing to accept, and that they are absolutely parallel. The same data, but with less accuracy can be obtained with the help of social services and smart surveys, a lot of money. And people do not demand (Apple is very reluctant to meet claims), and guessing or trying to convince yourself and others that came up with all this clever guys at Apple. Had incredible, this could be acquiesce. But in any case it’s good it will never stop.

What if “He” does not not 16-inch, and not even the MacBook Pro?

In the Apocrypha there were thoughts that this Apple laptop can be not Pro, and not even 16-inch, and even the frame around the screen is acceptable – but not as thick as it is now. Objections to these ideas are not caused. Suggested that the laptop could be 12-inch MacBook (and why would he not rise again?), or Air. The main thing – the keyboard. People are tired of fruitless attempts by Apple to correct congenital malformations of the keyboard type “butterfly”, many prefer to use old laptops, postponing until better times buying new devices. Many, not waiting for it, and walk away to other platforms. Even if everything will be fine again, many of them will not return. Other many and they are different – if any of these are different too eager to undertake creative, have a place to go. The keyboard should be scissor type, even in the compact version (that’s already a year and a half not after the butterfly, and the students love her). This is important.

There were rumors that it all starts with the resurrection of the MacBook, with the keyboard, with a diagonal of 12 inches, for it even has any CPU of the 10th generation, Ice Lake – Intel i7-1060G7 and Intel i5-1030G7 created specifically for such laptops and their graphics subsystem, to put it mildly, better than the processors in MacBook Jun 2017. But processors the list of priority desires no. Neither 10 nm or even 7 or 5 nm. People need to get a laptop which can be used without fear that at any second, from dust, breeze, oblique view or something what do not think, its keyboard will go crazy. Strange desire, isn’t it?

MacBook Pro, the screen size diagonally is irrelevant

MacBook Pro 16 promises to be interesting

Even if non-existent (perhaps yet) the object of mass worship, all the same, MacBook Pro, let him be the 14-inch version of the current 13-inch or 16-inch version of the 15-inch, first of all I want a normal keyboard, the requirements are exactly the same as in the previous section. Screen space should be more – that is, the framework should not be, for others it’s working without a problem, and let it be on Mac-the Most “desired” is an improved Touch Bar. Variants of this three. Make a separate button (and separate it from the Touch Bar), Touch ID, or Escape, or both of these buttons. On the Touch Bar, which is so dear to Apple and has already found more or less useful application, nobody attempts. To reduce it – really.

The inability of the modernization, chip-policeman, though less than before, but still a no-no and “exceeding powers” are high compared with competitors prices (although, when you begin to understand and to compare, big difference there), and even the design change in the list of priority desires are not included. Requirements supporters of the Mac, as I wrote above, simple and natural. Reliability, security, the ability to use. Everything else, let it be as it is.

MacBook Pro, 16 inches

According to the analyst of the Taiwanese company KGI Ming Chi-Kuo, which is the ratio of successful to unsuccessful predictions of a record high in the industry, the factories of Quanta already collected Mac and one of the Taiwanese companies have received an order from Apple to manufacture keyboards like “dignity” reduced size. The company name changed – but, like, this order is from Apple, the order volume is huge – but the release of new products in light Ming Chi-Kuo expects until mid-2020. Perhaps, during a press conference on the opening of WWDC 2020. Prediction is a risky business, and rely on them when making serious decisions is a thankless task. Maybe it’s really true, and MacBook Pro, drawn by the imagination of the fans, will be released?