It’s not even funny. If I counted correctly, over the last month and a half, Apple released seven updates iOS. Most of them were aimed at the correction of vulnerabilities and correction of system failures that caused incorrect work of compatible devices. In fairness I must say that part of the bugs they do fix it, but do not forget that along with the bug fixes have been added. The same iOS 13.2.2, which was released yesterday and established work of multi-tasking, has led to the fact that some iPhone started to decrease earlier than usual.

One of the first of the existence of the problem of premature discharge reported by the journalist ZDNet Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. According to him, it affected not only smartphones, but tablets as Apple. In any case, notes Kingsley-Hughes, he noticed that his iPhone and iPad to work from a single charge considerably less than worked before installing iOS 13.2.2. And since the problem manifested itself right after the updates, he said, most likely, the reason was exactly it.

Why iPhone runs out quickly

“The first thing I noticed after the updates is the reduction of battery life of my iPhone and iPad. For the 18 hours that passed after installation of the iOS 13.2.2, I had to charge my iPhone twice, or an iPad, though not demanded the same, all the same have been discharged much faster. Do not rule out that this may be a side effect that sometimes occurs after updates, but this may be a new bug of the operating system,” — said the journalist.

Due to the fact that since the release of iOS 13.2.2 it took not much time, find users who definitely could say that I noticed a premature discharge after the upgrade, we did not. Of course, there were those who complained of weakened autonomy, but many of them admitted that they had experienced this problem before. Therefore, to understand whether iOS 13.2.2 has a negative impact on battery usage, will have to wait a few days. During this time users will understand that to what and to do about it.

Hangs The Mail. What to do

But even now we can clearly say that with the release of iOS 13.2.2 some users have experienced with the disruption of regular Mail. Some say that you can’t receive messages from Gmail and MS Exchange, and others complaining that the app simply hangs while scrolling incoming messages and does not allow any further action. For the last 10 hours on the support forum had accumulated a dozen of those, in which users describe almost identical problems, saying that I had never experienced anything like this.