All the promises which Apple necessarily would be required bright and unforgettable live performances, this year the company has already executed. Apple is not the most promising company in the world. She promised reluctantly, and not too often, especially after the fiasco with AirPower in March of this year. Nevertheless, hope is not dead.

The facts, alas, is against it. Starting in 2015, the October events Apple holds every two years. Until 2014 they were annual, in 2015, this event was not. But starting in 2015, annually held events dedicated to a specific and especially relevant topic. In 2016 the October event took place. In 2017, it was not. 30 Oct 2018 event was held at the Brooklyn Academy of music in new York. At the time they are resurrected Mac mini and MacBook Air, and introduced the iPad Pro c screens “all over face” with the most powerful (so far) system-on-chip for mobile devices. Judging by the level and stage speech preparation, this event prepared long and thoroughly. The famous scene, the history of which began in 1861, they were decent.

What Apple will show at the presentation in October

Since none of this happened in September, what “the dreamers of the phantom with a 16-inch screen in the body of the 15-inch MacBook Pro” was appointed the next date of its publication on Oct. Apple’s waiting for deliverance iPad Pro from its unpleasant sores (they bend and break, alas). And this should also happen at the end of October. But alas. iPad Pro decided to upgrade every two years. Pace, if viewed from the side, slow – but really no one does not relax, work carefully, from morning till night, often seven days a week. Even this does not guarantee error-what happens if we speed up the process I’m afraid to imagine. Earlier than in October 2020, the new iPad Pro, most likely, will not.

Unless I’m missing something, from what Apple promised to do this fall, still haven’t made two promises. Is macOS Catalina, simultaneously with which it would be very interesting to release some new Mac on which it would be pre-installed and where the new version of the system could show itself in a favorable light. Promised in the autumn Mac there is the Mac Pro. It is undemocratic, but to its audience it is quite affordable. In June they were told not all, remained unsolved mysteries – therefore, to introduce this long-awaited creation of non-standard “Apple” of the mind personally, it would be nice. There can be surprises.

The new Apple TV

Some are waiting for the updates to Apple TV (without “plus”), the device with which Apple promised to do away and not to spend forces and means. Apple TV only 13% in the market similar devices,Apple ecosystem, it’s almost perfect. For Apple TV to convene a gathering that is necessary to entertain (presentations), feed (at your own expense – buffets, snacks, soft drinks and often also wine from NAPA valley), to protect and all that – it would be too troublesome and costly. But if you have something to show, and the October event is destined to happen – why not bring Apple TV?

October events are usually held in very special places. In one of the theaters in San Jose, in the theater of the Brooklyn Academy of Music – the change of places the Apple adds a charming touch of elitism and unpredictability. It costs much more than events in our own theatre and performance impact on the minds they do not differ much from one another: the era of global communication, these events can be seen by dozens of millions of people around the world.