Last week, the Internet stirred up rumors about the new AirPods. Judging by the icon from the beta version of iOS 13.2, it will be True Wireless in-ear headphones with active noise reduction. Many have been waiting for from Apple such accessory. But they will not be the perfect headphones. Apple will never make them perfect.

Of course, this applies not only to Apple, and all the headphone manufacturers. It is impossible to make a perfect device for good reasons.

Perfect form factor headphone

Any manufacturer faced with the fact that there is no form of headphone that will appeal to all.

Invoices are not all comfortable to wear in their ears, they are practically no sound insulation. But the large size of the driver gives a more rich sound.

Headphones only good sound. And then, in a quiet room

Dentures also do not isolate the ear from outside noise. The small speaker size will not give a powerful bottom. Even if the packaging says “Mega Bass”, the subway successfully drown out external noise. Any leakage of bass prevraschaet favorite song in the high-frequency cacophony.some people even like it. They say that without such a “juicy” bottom compositions sound more smoothly. Leave it on their conscience.

In-ear headphones created only for silent office

In-ear not everyone is comfortable long wear. Many start to hurt your ears, someone unpleasant is a complete disconnect from external sounds. I, for example, vigorously begins to produce earwax — even with a spade shovel.

In-ear headphones perfectly overlap the ear canal. But they are very dangerous on the street, and not everyone can take them a long walk

And we talked only about headphones, which can be done completely wireless. And there is still overhead with the headband, open or closed. Some miss the outside noise inside and the sound outside, but have a more “surround” sound, others create a barrier for the transition of sound from one medium to another, but also play a few “trapped”.

In addition to the dilemma with the character of the sound, manufacturers need to solve the question of aesthetics and convenience. Not everyone is like True Wireless headphones. Remember how many jokes about the loss of one of the AirPods? Because you can connect headphones together, attach them to the “collar”. There will be a lot of room for “threshold”. But it will cause even more discontent.

In addition, in-ear headphones block external noise which can sometimes be very dangerous for the user. That is why AirPods no sound insulation. The problem could be solved with the help of “threshold”, which can be configured to pass external sounds.

In short, already at the stage of choosing the form factor of the new Apple product can’t satisfy everyone. Even the super popular AirPods not everyone likes. And even their owners, including me, often understand and do not hide the fact that the sound of the headphones was quite average. But for the sake of ease of carry and use, it is possible to deal with it.

I am sure that new in-channel AirPods will cause a wave of negative comments for landing, which tired ears. And uncomfortable using one earphone. Single in-ear earphone is very very tiring.

We all have different perception of sound

As vision, perception of sound happens in three dimensions. This helps us to the brain. He recognizes where the sound source using the so-called transfer functions. It takes into account a lot of factors: the difference of sound loudness in each ear to acoustic effect of the head and shoulders. The brain quickly processes the information and realizes where it is and what sound it makes.

Such function is each works a little differently. And when you put on headphones, the brain is not isolated from the outside world, as it may seem. He continues to convey the sound from the headphones, thinking that the musicians are playing right in your head.

Yet no one has managed to make a universal headphone for all and for all occasions

Probably one of the most obvious reasons for this phenomenon is the difference in the structure of auditory channels. Someone they already have someone folds to them more, and the aspect ratio of all individual. Of course, one such folds the sound of the headphone will not change dramatically. But, for example, the perception of sound in the high pitched it determines the shape of the ear. The higher the sound, the more variation in sound for each of us.

Plays an important role and the location of the eardrum. The deeper it is, the quieter we seem to be ambient sound, including headphones.

In addition to the anatomical features of the head, there are still habits of different audiences. Some can’t live without bass and think that only the most powerful “BU-u-u-m” is important in the song. These are unlikely to be interested in them headphones with bright transmission of high frequencies.

For lovers of orchestral music everything is exactly the opposite. In General, the character of the sound all headphones are very different, and find a completely neutral is very difficult. You can pick up your favorite music. But if it one person completely different?

We all have different hearing

If you are dealing with loud sounds, then over time your hearing will become more blunt to perceive the sound of high frequencies. The same applies to fans of the heavy music full of gromkost.

Moreover, with age men’s hearing weakens significantly earlier than females. By the way, AirPods can help to cope with this problem.

But in the recognition of sound sources men has no equal. If the night suddenly starts yelling, the cat, the woman will hear this before, but the man is much rather going to hit it with a slipper. Instinct, you know.

In short, almost impossible to create the perfect headphones that will appeal to all. You can come to some kind of compromise or a willful decision to show buyers what they want. But this device is still many opponents.