Sometimes you want to just relax and talk heart to heart. This time let’s discuss what we are lacking in the iPhone, and what we would like to add it in the next generation. Agree, there are many things, but Apple itself is in no hurry to offer a large number of innovations, concentrating, typically, on a small list of something important. This is the style of the company, but we don’t always like it and here’s why…

Why iPhone does not change

How many times have we read on the website and in our Telegram chatthat Apple ceased to innovate. The company criticized the fact that the iPhone is now similar to one another, but it was before… nothing new, actually.

In the beginning was the aluminum of the first iPhone, he replaced almost the same, but the plastic 3G and 3GS in a year that didn’t change the design. A significant change was only with the release of the iPhone 4. Then it was really fresh, but good design has not changed for 4 years. Fifth generation I am not going to call it new because we have changed only the material of the rear wall. Otherwise it was all the same angular shape up to the iPhone SE.

With the release of the iPhone 6 we got something new, but, hand on heart, can say that the echoes of that design we see so far. Proportional form, smooth round edges and the camera is always in one corner — that’s all we see in 2014. Save the situation only a transition to the display with the notch. Otherwise, nothing changes.

The familiar design of the iPhone

There’s a simple explanation. Form came quite good and the company does not want to change it for two reasons. First, the smartphone was recognized and in many respects, so buy it. Second, Apple is trying to maintain the image of a reputable company. Such companies are not rushing from corner to corner, trying to follow the modern trends. For example take cars like BMW and AUDI. They have many many years of change, but not so much that it was impossible to know. So it turns out with the iPhone.

What should be changed in iPhone

Now that we understand that the preservation of the traditions of the appearance of iPhone a good thing in General, let’s talk about how I can improve it from the point of view of available functions. Though it is not in the precepts of Steve jobs, who believed that users do not know what they want and need to explain it to them, but we will try.

Just note that the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors. If you have your vision of what’s missing from iPhone, write about it in the comments. We will discuss and try to collect your ideal concept.

The fingerprint scanner in the screen

I am one of those who are not upset by the disappearance of the fingerprint scanner with the iPhone. Face ID works fine and there are almost no problems with unlocked smartphone. The key word is “almost.”

We all understand why it happened. Apple had to be placed in front of a large screen, but to carry the scanner on the back wall was not solid. Here I fully support the company. Just then arrived the technology of Face ID and everything came together to make unpopular decisions was not necessary.

The fingerprint scanner in the screen might look like this

At the same time, I occasionally find myself in a situation when the person scanning is not very convenient. For example, when riding a motorcycle, stop, remove glove, take your iPhone, and it is not rasplachivaetsya due to the fact that the face is hidden by a helmet. The situation is similar when, during a snowboarding he was wearing glasses. I’m not even talking about everyday situations when you need to unlock the phone without lifting it from the table. Or on a Sunny day, do not want to remove the glasses. Let me remind you, with some models of sunglasses Face ID works and with some not.

Despite Apple’s claims that the fingerprint scan is the last century and safety of this method is 20 times below face recognition, I don’t rule out the chance that Touch ID will come back in future generations of the iPhone. Of course it will be in the screen, and the scene will tell us that this is another revolution in the security, and “now” — not “then”.

3D Touch iPhone 12

Can argue with me, but my opinion is the same. I think 3D Touch is very comfortable! Now it was replaced by longtom, but for someone who used the pressing force, thisis unlikely to be equal.

This is especially true to move the cursor through the text. When it was possible anywhere on the keyboard press down and move the cursor in any direction, it was very comfortable. Now you have to hold down and slightly to hold the gap. In fact, we got the same control that turns the keyboard area to the trackpad, but move the cursor down you can not — prevent the edge of the screen.

This iPhone we don’t need!

This applies to the selection of words when you press down the cursor movement mode and highlight the whole word. There is also the inclusion of the flashlight from the lock screen. Before I had to push harder, and now to activate simply accidentally pinch the screen with your palm. The very few times I turned on the light, just holding the smartphone in hand. Maybe this stuff, but they all consists of.

Spectral sensor

In the beginning of this year, Huawei released P30 Pro. One of its features was a spectral sensor, which allowed you to take pictures in complete darkness. I can’t call it the most necessary feature, but sometimes it is very convenient. I would like to see something similar in the iPhone.

This year, Apple has extended its smartphone night mode, and it really allows you to take good pictures in the dark, but not entirely, unlike Huawei P30 Pro. Particularly pleased that the Chinese smartphone allows you to do such images with hand, iPhone in the dark shoots only due to the long exposure, if it’s on a tripod or stand.

Smartphone without bangs

I never thought bangs a big problem. As the saying goes, there she is. At the same time, I wouldn’t mind if Apple will reject it. Here are just perspectives that I do not yet see. There are a lot of sensors that need somewhere to place. While it is not clear how it can be done. From Face ID the company is unlikely to refuse, and this is the part with which most problems in the rejection of the bangs.

One thing I know for sure. I don’t want Apple went the way of Samsung, Huawei, Honor, and many others, placing a camera inside the screen holes. In my opinion, it’s much worse than the bangs, and looks like a pimple on the face of the smartphone.

How to improve iPhone

I gave examples of that, as I think it is possible to significantly improve the iPhone in future generations. If the design will change, but the smartphone will remain recognizable, it’s okay.

We are not specifically talking about a folding device. Even if it will come, it will not be the iPhone, and one of its versions.

At the same time, I have already said that Apple is in the 11th generation significantly worked on chronic sores on the iPhone. For example, the set is now really fast charging, and the camera sticks out a lot less.