What relation can be between Tim cook and Donald trump? At first glance it may seem that no. In the end, it was cook during the election campaign of the President of the United States in every way stoked for Hillary Clinton criticized her opponent, calling his policy is unacceptable. However, after the election of a trump to the presidency approach of the current Apple CEO has become more complex, while combining and critical approach, and even some glimpses of loyalty, evaluated the current President.

It is difficult to say exactly how it happened, but for now, Tim cook is the only top Manager who can call Donald Trump and just ask him not to levy import duties products of the company. It’s worth it, because everyone else is forced to act much more indirectly, spending millions, if not billions of dollars on lobbying and the advice of political strategists to help you find the approach to the President.

Tim cook and Donald trump

Despite radically different views, cook, and Trump has managed to establish quite a close relationship, which, apparently, was born a month after the presidential election. Then the White house organized a meeting with trump and the heads of several corporations that cook was going to ignore. However, the entourage of the President strongly advised the CEO of Apple to attend this meeting, which probably was destined to become fatal, it was after her trump began regularly to invite the cook to dinner at his Golf club in new Jersey.

Over time, the relationship between them warmed so that, according to The Wall Street Journal, trump called cook, to congratulate him on thanksgiving. However, the President didn’t even try to keep this relationship in secret, flattering describing to the CEO at press conferences and calling him a friend. A pretty significant event occurred this spring. Then trump again organized a meeting of heads of corporations, which called cook “Tim Apple”.

“Tim Apple” — a joke or a reproach?

All anything, but a few hours after on this situation out in the media, Cooke changed his name on Twitter for Tim Apple. It has divided observers into two camps. Some decided that cook thus makes a mockery of trump, expressing to him their contempt, and others thought it just a good joke, which itself could only be a good friend. To say unequivocally who from them is right, not because the cook is hardly a supporter of trump, which, however, does not prevent the latter to praise it.