The Apple is hard to call a predictable company. Despite the fact that each presentation, which she conducts, is preceded by numerous rumors and leaks, Apple will still find something to surprise users. Unfortunately, Apple often surprises us what is delaying the release of something like that from her very much forward to. But that’s what it awakens in us an interest and makes one look forward to the next event, which will certainly reveal a cherished novelty. Wondering what to expect from the October presentation?

Apple Tag — first search tracker Apple

Apple Tag the new Apple tracker to search for missing items

The existence of search tracker Apple we learned a long time ago, why release such an atypical for the company product many have been waiting for in the spring. However, neither in March nor in July, nor even in September Apple Tag did not work, though, and managed to be seen on television as in the beta versions of iOS, and in the reports of insiders and analysts. As a result, we now know that the tracker will support the technology Ultra Wideband, which will allow him to within a few centimeters to determine your location, and also to work with augmented reality, making a visual route to find the lost stuff.

MacBook Pro 16” — what’s new

About this laptop, I think we learned even before the existence of project Apple Tag. One of the first it was Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted the new role of the successor to the 15-inch model, and hence the most progressive by the standards of laptops iron. However, the main feature of novelty, according to rumors, should be the keyboard “scissors” of the new generation, which Apple abandoned a few years ago. In Cupertino decided to resume using it largely due to problems in the operation of the keyboard, “butterfly”, which failed to solve even in four years.

What surprised iPad Pro 2019

iPad Pro 2019 is likely to be a copy of last year’s model

With the expansion of the lineup of tablets, Apple had to seriously reconsider the timing of their releases, resulting in the launch of professional models consistently falls on Oct. This year, the iPad Pro will likely come in the same sizes as a year earlier, but it will get a serious upgrade to the hardware, improved camera and, possibly, support for updated Smart Keyboard. In any case, it would be logical to make it more compact and improve the response of the keys. What else can you ask for from a and so the perfect tablet? Unless of reinforcement, eliminating the problem of violations of the geometry.

When will the AirPods 3

AirPods third generation can go this year

Of course, it’s hard to believe that Apple the second time this year updated its line of wireless headphones, and unveiled the third generation of AirPods, but the first beta of iOS 13.2 suggests exactly that. Anyway, now we can say that in Cupertino have a ready copy of the new items, and therefore, it can present it at the October event. This happens infrequently, but a few years ago Apple twice a year, updated the iPad lineup, introducing first The New iPad with Retina screen, and then replace it on the iPad 4.

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