Like, in March this year Apple TV-not-application “sentenced”. 13% of the market, and even apps not reverse the situation – apps in the App Store tvOS woefully short. Is already Apple TV app, which went beyond the “Apple” of the ecosystem, and even Apple TV plus (subscription service, launched on 1 November). But I guess it’s not so simple.

Most likely, this October, “Apple” a theatrical event will not take place. In accordance with the tradition of recent years, such events are held every two years in late October. Invitations are sent out 10-15 days before such events, a few days of hope those who are waiting for this event there is still. In addition, from the company whose motto at one time was the phrase Think Different (think different) you can expect anything. In the end, the event could be held in November or December. And then in March, 2020, year. Sooner or later, the following event will take place in the list of expectations from him and all that. Including Apple TV 6. And the reason for it. Though not entirely undisputed.

What’s new in tvOS 13

On 24 September of this year came tvOS 13. Perhaps you do not know about, but just in case I will specify: it is the operating system used in Apple TV-no applications of the fourth and fifth generations, and nowhere else. For palliative care to those who are in love with these devices (and those in our world quite a lot) tvOS 13 not similar. Compared to iOS or watchOS changes on the new version of “no”, but this is the most radical and most significant upgrade tvOS in its history. The system was a multiplayer, it now supports the most popular gaming console Xbox One and DualShock 4, still tvOS supported only console MFI certified, which Apple TV users had to spend dollars for 50.

An unusual way to use the beta profile tvOS

Redesigned user interface, added full-screen preview videos, and much more. About these minor innovations could be mentioned, but talking about the new versions of striking and significant iOS and watchOS about these changes too. Over the system obviously worked seriously. I could be wrong, but sentenced for OS platforms do not do that.from a company whose motto at one time was the phrase Think Different (think different) you can expect anything. As of October 10 developers available the second beta tvOS tvOS 13.2. But it is not so simple: official reports, neither of tvOS 13.1, neither of the first beta tvOS 13.2 was not. Maybe it’s about what does not speak – but still mysterious.

When will the new Apple TV

That is, Apple is developing a new model of Apple TV, which will take into account all the errors which will Shine against the competition like the sun against the background stars, and hundreds of thousands of those who never have thought about the possibility of understanding the “Apple” of the ecosystem will adhere to it due to the unbearable desire to purchase a Apple TV 6? Hardly. The more that data on the development of a new model of Apple TV there, and in our time, almost everything what you working on in the Apple immediately it becomes known to the public. If it is not data about the new chips. But Apple TV is not the chip, and developed in a different division. About him, almost certainly, the information is already leaked not once. Even if the end of the year Apple will give another presentation, declaring it a new model Apple TV extremely unlikely.

Remote control — the main feature of Apple TV

It would be nice if Apple finally thought about the reasons for the lack of sales of Apple TV those who already have. Some of the reasons are obvious. First, is the price of the Apple TV. Even the “packaged” products competitors are and a half times cheaper. Second, 4K movies cannot be saved to the local memory of the device. 32 or 64 GB SSD is not enough. Even cheaper (about three times) the products of competitors flash memory more. Third, no one else in the industry is not so ill-conceived, inconvenient and impractical remote control. Touch-based interface, Siri, a minimum of buttons – it’s all good, and even impressive, but positive reviews on this remote I have not heard yet. The idea is great, implementation is a three. Here to fix all of this, and all will be well? Yes, but only if they will fix very quickly.

Apple TV and his colleagues have recently appeared a deadly opponent. The developers of television receivers are working to include in the design of their products to their peers. On the one hand, Apple TV-not-app, you receive an unprecedented chance to prove something to someone and stand out: to do this, however, you need to strain and how to think about “insanely great” device, superior to all in television. On the other, the developers of conventional TV can you think of an app store for their TVs, to adapt to them any adequate opportunity to the open operating system, and to create, for example, a universal standard for the entire industry.