The Apple Watch was never particularly tenacious smart watch. A day and a half and they sit down in the zero, articulating their owners have a habit every night to put them on the charge, even if you still have a 20-25%. For this reason I expressed skepticism about the possibility of realization of the function of tracking the quality of sleep of the user, which the Apple Watch, spent the whole day, simply did not pull razladilis in the middle of the night. But as it turned out, no sleep tracking and no need when there is a permanent screen.

A key new feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 was the feature Always-On Display. It means that the clock screen is now always active and does not go off, providing the user with permanent access to actual information about the current time and upcoming events, and sports results. With all this in Cupertino promised that the Apple Watch Series 5 will live not less than 18 hours — just like last year’s model, but the miracle did not happen.

Why discharged Apple Watch

Many users of the Apple Watch Series 5 complaining of rapid battery drain. According to them, the clock is losing about 5% per hour, even if you lie on the table doing nothing. However, you should start using them as battery consumption increases even more, because the clock starts to consume more energy. As a result the actual autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 5 if you use Always-On Display in the worst way differ from that of the Apple Watch Series 4 that were discharged almost twice as long.

I decided to disable the Always-On Display and see how the Apple Watch Series 5 will behave without this feature. Surprisingly, the battery life immediately increased. Over the next few hours, they lose about 2% per hour, which is pretty close to what my Apple Watch Series 2, 3, and 4, which I used before. After that, I’ve decided that Always-On Display is a killer Apple Watch — says one of the forum users Apple support.

Quick battery of the Apple Watch

Complaints similar to this, a great many. People leave them on all platforms, but on the background of some of them the problem of losing 5% charge per hour seems far-fetched. One user reported that just a half hour workout with the included music it Apple Watch is dead from 69% to 21%. In that situation the cause of which was a function of Always-On Display, for all other passive features, energy consumption, assures the user that was turned off.