When Apple released the first iPhone, it had 17 full-time applications. Over time, the company increased not only the range of models available, but pre-installed software, which was already 38, not to mention the built-in functions, the number of which has long exceeded a thousand. However, Cupertino still did not dare to equip iOS with the mechanism for selecting the default application, which would allow you to replace the stock. But whereas such an alignment is not satisfied with just users, and now the situation became interested in the Antimonopoly Committee of Congress.

Last month, the Committee sent an official letter to Tim cook in which he demanded to review the company’s approach to third-party software and allow users to decide which applications they want to use by default. Thus, the letter says, will be able to achieve a competitive environment in which there are no monopolies and the infringement of the rights of users and third-party studios involved in filling the App Store.

The default app on iOS

However, in Cupertino studiously pretend not to notice requirements from developers and government bodies who actually accuse the company of monopoly. So instead of yield, Apple is usually limited to only a few handouts. In recent times the company has promised to build in iOS mechanism that will allow Siri to identify the most popular apps and to use them to send messages, calls and so on. Another thing that be affecting it would be impossible, and the voice assistant will be to make my own choices, not giving it to the user.

To understand why the Apple behaves, in General, is simple. Corny company fears that third-party applications will replace her own, if you give users a choice. It confirmed Philip shoemaker, the former head of service quality control the App Store. According to him, in Cupertino with the first day of existence of a company catalogue was afraid that some company will release a set of software that can replace the stock ON, and therefore consciously decided not to give third-party applications with the same functionality as preset. In the result, by default, on iOS you can only use Apple’s own programs.

What the developers require from Apple

Apparently, for many large development studios is a restriction that Apple imposes on third-party applications are a major problem. Despite the fact that a few years ago, the company is allowed to remove the standard software, the ban on the use of software from independent developers as the default application still has not been removed. So, in Cupertino once again merely palliative, pretending to not understand claim.