A few years ago in the App Store received the active development of interactive tales for children. It so happened that we were one of the first who began to publish reviews of these applications for children. Since then, their number has decreased significantly, but we continue to see progress in the work of developers of programs for children. That is an example of such work is “the Keeper” is the author’s interactive tale, which is recently available for the iPhone and iPad.

This is not just another familiar tale like “Bun” or “Turnips”, but quite a new work from Russian author Tatyana Krylova. Rather, it is for new users of gadgets — so far, the tale can only be read in the classic book the edition. The paper version of the work was very popular among parents and child psychologists — it was presented at the festival of Literature of the Pacific Russia this year.

To develop an interactive version of the creators came up no less responsible. In the process of creation involved not only professional animators and translators (including native speakers of Japanese, English and of course Russian language), but also actors that have produced high-quality voice acting in Russian language. Moreover, the music accompanying the head when reading, was written specifically for the fairy tale “the Keeper”.

The tale tells about friendship of a little girl and her secret guardian (of Dobrogea). He lives under the bed, and this little furry creature can see only children. How he manages to preserve a child’s dream? What else lurks in invisible to the adult world? This is to be seen for young readers.

The application is made very qualitatively and beautifully. Pictures will certainly appeal to young readers: they are both funny and realistic. And the voice, which sounded tale, reminiscent of those happy moments in childhood, when next to the bed sat grandma and every evening, reading his beloved grandson interesting stories. Is this app some kind of magic that attracts so tale sure to appeal to your kids: and if happy child, happy parents.

Not reading quickly and with expression so your child has time to listen and understand what is happening in the story. All the book consists of 6 chapters, each of which is accompanied by vivid illustrations and fun animation. For example, you can click on the Slippers, and they themselves will miraculously climb on the bed and to control the actions of Dobrouja.

Turning off sound in the app, you will be able to read your young Chad interesting tale. The same can be done if the child himself is able to read and he was so interesting, than to listen to. And the child sunk deeper into the world of fairy tales (or if you just tired to read/listen), the developers have built in-app mini games based on the books “Puzzle”, “Build chain” and the quest “Make a snowman”.

The app itself is free, however, to pay for the efforts of developers and the author, it provides one in-app purchase. The full version of this tale is offered to purchase for a nominal sum, which is unlikely to affect your family budget.