When introduced the iPhone 11 and older versions, they gave me an interest, but nothing more. Despite this, I decided to purchase the Pro version and try to borrow her. At first I did not understand why I did it, but eventually I realized that some of the things I really like. On some issues, I remain a skeptic, but the telling is everything. That’s why I decided to prepare this experience. Perhaps it will help the doubters in the purchase. The rest just tell you how I’ve changed my opinion a few weeks of use iPhone 11 Pro.

As soon as there was the opportunity to try all three new models of iPhone, we, the editors immediately took advantage of her. In the end, I, as a user of iPhone X and iPhone XS is not accepted, purchased iPhone 11 Pro.

The contents

The appearance of the iPhone 11 Pro

In the beginning, when only appeared the first leaks about the new iPhone models, I was very skeptical of this model. I do not like the trend of leaks and I about it already spoke, but essentially it does not change. I believed that this appearance of the camera looks so bad to release such could only be moved with snaps Nokia.

First, I was confused completely dark glass covering the camera modules — it looked like a patch. The second time was my guess. Somehow I thought that the camera will be the same as before, only the area of the protruding element will now be more. In fact, everything turned out differently. From dark glass either refused, or did not plan to use it and the flow was about two times less than in the previous year.

iPhone 11 Pro certainly can’t blame the fact that it is similar to other smartphones.

When the smartphone is on the table, I felt like back in the days of the iPhone 5S, which I loved and which camera doesn’t seem to fit at all. It could be used without lifting the table, and he was not swinging like a swing in the Park. iPhone 11 Pro, if not to peck at him with all his strength, lying on the table about the same and I love it. A bonus was the fact that the protruding part has a different texture, and sometimes even visually it seems that it won’t snag, and sunk.

Also after a few days of use, I appreciated the texture of the back wall. iPhone X I almost always was the case, as I didn’t like that the front and back side to the touch does not have any differences. In the case of iPhone 11 Pro, pulling it out of your pocket once you know how to take it. A nice bonus was the Apple logo on the back. He slid down, and when it hits a finger it is very nice. Because of the different textures it seems that Apple sticks out a bit.

Speed iPhone 11 Pro

I hasten to disappoint those who think that the iPhone 11 Pro XS is faster the iPhone or at least iPhone X. No practical difference between them is almost there. Even games run on them are almost the same.

Speed iPhone 11 Pro enough not only for everyday use but for games. Nothing surprising.

Some tests say that the iPhone loses iPhone X 11 Pro in speed of opening applications is about 15-20 percent, but the difference is in fractions of a second at all is not felt. Even after returning the device to the old model, there is the feeling that it slows down or podlagivaet.

If you wanted to upgrade to a smartphone just for the sake of speed, which was promised from the stage, I suggest you not to hurry. The difference you’ll hardly notice.

The screen of iPhone 11 Pro

When you take iPhone 11 Pro in hand and begin to use it, somehow did not notice that the screen was better. He’s just a good, clear, bright and has the same sensitivity as before. You use it understand that you all like it, but then pick up the iPhone X and realize that the difference in contrast between 1000000:1 and 2000000:1 really is. As they say, you can live, that’s just the old display looks much more faded.

The screen of the new iPhone is better than its predecessors.

Battery iPhone 11 Pro

As promised by Apple, the company run for longer than last year’s model. With iPhone 11 Pro, I had to go to Munich for the famous Oktoberfest, where not only enjoyed a delicious German beverage, but also made a few forays into the mountains. During them I was so calm for the autonomy of your smartphone, which didn’t even take a Power Bank, despite the fact that several times appealed to the navigation application and is constantly photographed what was happening around, to the hotel I was told about 40 percent of the charge.

When you buy a new smartphone, pleasantly surprised by how his battery in the background rather worn battery of your old device. This time reality surpassed all expectations. I think this is almost the main improvement of the new iPhone. A few weeks of use, I have never been in a situation when the risk to remain without communication. Special thanks for this quick charge, which is finally put into carton with the iPhone. By the way, even from dvuhmestnoe charging (like the old iPad), the new charge is still faster than the iPhone X.

With the increased autonomy of the new iPhone on the wall socket you will think less.

Camera iPhone 11 Pro

Of course, the screen and the autonomy of the new iPhone is impressive, but not as much as it does the camera. However, there is produced the impression of one small ”but”.

I have often said that iPhone X I didn’t really like how the system works stabilization. Sometimes it helped, but more often simply prevented. This was especially noticeable during strong shaking. For example, when shooting video in transport or on the run picture is even worse than on the iPhone 6S. I would have thought that my phone was defective, but a similar opinion I heard from other users.

In iPhone 11 engineers like snatched the camera and threw it in the trash, to more about her not to remember, but at the same time I drilled another hole and stuck it in her third module. They seem to have decided: ”Why Huawei is, and we do not?”.

Camera modern smartphones are not the same as before.

In the end, the old problems are gone, like a bad dream, and the camera really helps. Compared to Huawei here not by chance, as they were among the first, among serious players, started to play with modules simulating different lenses. The trend of the second module for Zuma asked Apple, and ”shirik” and super-zoom — it is a merit of the Chinese. In only extensions of them not so good. There is a feeling that they’re just trying to show the user how good they are and how much they can remove/to bring, sometimes overdoing it. Apple turned out much better.

“Shirik” removes a really large panoramas and sometimes they are predictable distorted if, for example, to photograph their feet. But when shooting panoramas, there is no distortion in the corners — the picture looks almost perfect.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro: wide angle camera

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: General shooting

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: the body module

The only comment to the camera was the fact that Apple is increasingly beginning to follow the path of artificial enhancement photos. The camera immediately makes this picture so it was interesting to put in my account. That’s just sometimes she’s over the top, and it is better not to interfere with the picture.

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: the Bavarian railway

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: Alpine lake

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: the town of Mittenwald

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: German creative

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: lake Lautersee

Shot on iPhone Pro 11: the fountain on Karlsplatz. Munich

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro: beautiful squirt in the sun

Night mode the camera works, but does not pull in the darkness like a spectral sensor P30 Huawei Pro. That is, if we are talking about twilight, the picture is beautiful, especially if viewed on a smartphone. If you look at the details, you can see in the image taxiroute some details in the fight with noise. If you try to shoot in complete darkness, it is better to put your smartphone on a tripod. In this case, the camera switches to slow shutter and make a shot. With it she will try to improve the picture and very much think out, taking a picture is simply ugly.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro in night mode: Marienplatz — the Central square of Munich.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro in night mode: the Hard Rock Cafe

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro in night mode: night in the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro in night mode: old-school German bus

With all the pros and cons of night mode iPhone 11 Pro we can say only one thing. Many thanks to the engineers who did not try to force the camera to make the night a day as made by Huawei. The main message remains — in the end, the night is just a night. Just it can be clearly seen.

Even more sample photos and their originals can be downloaded at this link.

The experience of using iPhone 11 Pro

The trip that I took with me iPhone 11 Pro, not so long and intense, just like the one I tested iPhone XR last year, but still allowed me a lot to understand myself, and made it so that I do not regret the purchase of a new iPhone.

He showed his strength, firmly counteracted the scratch, despite the fact that I threw it everywhere. He gave a great opportunity to get photos that I did him all the way. And he allowed me not to worry that I will be without communication.

The only far-fetched claim is that in the camera app and did not deliver many important settings, leaving them in the settings section of the phone (although this is more a question for iOS), and lack of USB Type-C and easy craftiness with shooting modes.

iPhone 11 Pro Max is very difficult to break. But it’s not exactly

Although, there is another disadvantage, which, apparently, is significant only to me. I absolutely do not like that Apple abandoned the 3D Touch. Painfully I liked this feature. It was especially useful when controlling the cursor in the text. The current system and hold the space bar, unfortunately, does not solve my problems. And uncomfortable when holding the smartphone in hand, accidentally do a long touch of a button flashlight or camera and they are included. Before they had much press and I liked it more

I deliberately do not dwell, for example, on sound quality and some other things, because they are used not so often, but duty and their improvement from model to model is not merit, but rather the responsibility of the company.

In the end, I can say that if you want to upgrade your iPhone 7 or an earlier model, it will be a great option. iPhone XS/XS Max upgrade just not worth it, and X iPhone is on the verge of having to upgrade. The difference with him you feel only in the camera, autonomy, and a little screen.